Friday, December 10, 2010

Chic in Chiffon

I was perusing through American Apparel Website when I came across this GORGEOUS
chiffon double layered full skirt than can double as a dress. I have to have it!

I like wearing it as a dress but can't wait to layer it up for Winter.
Its so glam and I love the color! Of course for now I'm wearing it as a house dress (its too cold) and feeling like a Greek Goddess. I love these white stone drop earrings. I've had this belt from Forever 21 for the longest time and never wore it until this shoot. I also love this ring from ASOS.
These pictures of other wearing this skirt from American Apparel inspired me to get this skirt.

Style RSA0320SAmerican Apparel Website
This picture is from another blogger Glendacan check her out her blog is awesome.
I love that this skirt comes in 8 different colors. I plan to get this cream color above as well as the port colored skirt.
My Outfit
Skirt worn as dress: American Apparel get it HERE!
Cross Ring: ASOS
Booties: ASOS
Belt: Forever 21
I tend to walk around the house in dresses. Either skin tight American Apparel dresses or nice flowy maxis. These are my "house sweats" I guess. I just feel more comfortable in dresses. I guess Im weird that way. What do you lounge around the house in???
I wear a lot of blue....I know I'm a blue feen lol.


  1. Omg love youre blog by the first look!
    need to follow! This skirt is beautiful!

  2. LOVE the color and how you styled it with the belt;)

  3. wow! loving this combination, that dress is super chic

  4. What a lovely skirt and I love the color of it. It's great as a dress too! xxx

  5.'re wooonderfull dear!!!very chic...very elegant!!! i LOOVE your style :D

  6. your skirt is really pretty! It's cool that it can be worn as a dress too:)

  7. wow that colour looks amazing on you. i searched for the chiffon collection at AA but hardly anything was left :( everyone likes the good stuff i guess :)

  8. stunning dress !! cool dear <3
    visit my blog !

  9. I love the blue on you! Such a great color! Looking good girl!



  10. A stunning dress in a stunning colour! xx

  11. i'm soo in love with everything chiffon from AA. I have that skirt but it's the shorter one. I loove the maxi skirt tho, looks so gorgeous on you! esp the color :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  12. That dress/skirt is goooooorgeous on you! I absolutely love the color! I hope you can get it in the cream color too, bc that one is just as pretty!


  13. Love it:))))


  14. Love the dress. You can do so much with that. I usually lounge around in yoga pants and a t-shirt.


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