Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bag Lady

I love clutches. I have collected them for the past 4 years. Clutches are the perfect date bag. The huge bag is still the stable in every womans life especially New Yorkers because hey we need our lives (all the stuff in our bag) all the time. I sometimes spend 2 hours a day on the train and need things close at hand. I love clutches because they are simple. They make you think hard about what to take because you can only put so much stuff in them. My favorite clutches are the large envelope style clutches. I got this trend from my fashion Icon Tracee Ellis Ross! LOVES HER!

Love the snake print and neutral color.

My Fashion Icon Tracee Ellis Ross (daughter of Diana Ross) rocking the large clutch trend!


Got this white and black studded bag at Forever21, see this bag in action here! 

My Favorite Clutch at the moment
BCBG, see a few other of my Favorite Things Here

Love the snake skin again and the color of this Chinese Laundry clutch

Love this bag. Got it at Forever21. Its my little gold armor bag!
Vintage Red and Cream Clutches

 Got this lovely patent leather clutch, as well as the other snake print clutches shown at Century 21 Manhattan. Love that store for great clutches!

Every girl should have a gold lame bag! See me wear it HERE!

See this bag in action here! 

 Just picked this bag up from Marshalls for $29.99 FASHION STEELE!

Love this bag from Nine West

As you all can see I'm a snake print bag lady lol.

I usually carry a chapstick, lipgloss, lipstick, a Kabuki brush (for those shiny forehead moments), 2 sticks of gum, $20, my metro card, ID, my keys and my cell phone whenever I wear a clutch.

What's in your purse?

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  1. oh my gosh, obsessed with that first clutch! you have such a great collection!


  2. Clutchtastic! Miss Ross always rocks it! You make me wanna dig out my collection and put them in rotation. Having a kid has kinda killed my ability to carry a small bag. I carry snacks, tissues, lots of lip gloss, band aids,and I can never leave home without my camera. Oh, and in the summer flip flops and in the winter, ballerina flats off course.

  3. Hi Monroe, thanks for your comment at my blog! I'm here now and became a follower. Nice bag collection! Hope to see you again at my blog! :))

  4. There are few people I admire more than Tracee Ellis Ross! Love the black and white clutches with the giant silver pyramid studs.

  5. Love those clutches!! Every single one of them and also love the bags too!

  6. wow, i'm loving the studded ones!

  7. love the 3º clutch!!!

    great post <3

  8. that studded clutch is amazing!!


  9. As for me l wont specify l love all of you can shop your head off.hehehehe.

    Am here in Uganda checking out your blog..its lovely keep up the good work...its inspiring to us fellow bloggers

    *Sheila** Uganda

  10. you have an amazing collection of clutches:)

  11. i love clutches! they are so stylish and classy!

    really nice post I loved it ;)


  12. Great clutches. I have a few but never seem to wear them. I may have to force myself to edit my purse crap and just do it.

  13. Fantastic bag!!! I like them all!!!
    visit my blog?

  14. answer:thank you!!!

  15. I love clutches too!! I adore the one you got from Marshalls, it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  16. That second picture of tracy with the white background - doesnt her eye look kinda funky or is that just me??

    she does rock a oversized clutch tho!!! x


  17. Really pretty.....I always like the look of the clutch....but freak out when I cant take all my "Stuff", lmao.....yours are fab:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!♥

  18. nice post! i like it :D

  19. Great Collection..The BCBG is it

  20. You have such a great collection on clutches, I've been wanting them too, the one ivory/white snakeskin clutches is just awesome

  21. What a lovely collection! I'd love to steal the grey one from you, since I'm slightly obsessed with this colour... :o)


  22. Youre purses are soo pretty!

    Normally i have gum, phone, makeup, camera and a pin for the hair! Haha

  23. love these bags! thnx for visiting my blog!

    xoxo jenna

  24. Gorgeous clutches! I'll take one of each please :)

  25. Wow, Really eye-catching... Very nice pick of very attractive purses and girl outfits and style is very attractive. I really like these bags. It is a good post especially for the girls because all girls are like this bag and it useful for all girls. I enjoy it blog. Thanks for sharing this colorful post. Good Luck

  26. i'm going to do my own studded purse!! :D i have a blog, if you want to see it :)
    http://itsmellslikeateenspirit... you look so lovely!!


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