Friday, November 19, 2010

Thrift and the City: Housing Works

I did some thrifting the other day at Housing Works Thrift Store in NYC.
 These stores are amazing for one of a kind finds.
I visited the Housing Works at 730 9th Ave.
This store is a lot smaller than the Housing Works on 23rd Street
 (Vintage Me This Vintage Me That)
but I still found an amazing blouse there.

Here is the amazing blouse I got from Housing Works! Label: Black Vanity

Yes only $15!!!!!Fashion Steele!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the back of this blouse and can't wait to wear it!!

I will be wearing this amazing piece in a later post!
What is your favorite designer label?
I'm not too into labels so I don't have a favorite but I do love anything vintage!

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  1. I'm glad I found this cool blog, I was automatically transported to NYC baby!
    I'll come here often, promise!

    Best wishes to you!

  2. I've visited this location when I was in NYC. I only found a pair of shoes that day, but the furniture pieces were quite amazing and I was wishing I could send some back home.
    Funky blouse!

  3. I love that top!!!! Cannot wait to see it on you :)

  4. Great blouse! At first I thought it's nothing special but then I saw the back and it's great, very unique! xxx

  5. Really cool, I have to stop by there ;)

  6. can't wait to see the top on you!

  7. That is a very pretty blouse! I love the back of it! xoxo

  8. this place is so adorable. i love vintage stores that actually have great clothes for great prices!

  9. Divine! I love the peep back- very sexy!

    xo Emily

  10. lucky you it's so hard for me to find steals like that, that blouse is so great!

  11. Love the back of that shirt! Have to get to housing works!! the 49th street location is right near my job! I sense a lunch time run next week!

  12. Great find!! I love it!! The back detail is gorgeous!
    My favorite label is Missoni. They are amazing with color and print!!

    menina elegante

  13. love finding great thrifted items...nice back detail..!
    nice blog

    check out my blog

  14. You are making me want to take a trip just to visit the thrift stores. I can only imagine the goodies that are in there.

  15. Wooow!
    Love the back of that blouse!! it's so gorgeous! :):)

  16. i like very much your post!!!!

    thks for your comment on my blog,,,,hope you will visit me again!!!

    I just wait to see your next post !!

    KIss KISS from Romania :*:*:*

  17. what a great find! gotta love a good bargain! great blog, i like seeing other fashionistas living it up on a dime :)

    follow me!

  18. Love this shirt! Its subtly sexy!



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