Thank you so much for your interest in working with Fashion Steele NYC.
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I have a very loyal following. I'm just a regular girl who loves thrifting and mixing high and low in my wardrobe. By choosing to work with me you are gaining a powerful wonderful audience who is savvy, witty and fashion forward.

My Stats
Monthly Pageviews: 30,000+
Pageviews Per Week: 7000+
Pageviews Per Day: 1000+
Average Length Per Visit: 3 min
Page Views Per Visit: 3
Overall site Pageviews: 700,000+
Main Audience: USA, Canada, Italy and United Kingdom
Subscribers: 10000+ via Bloglovin, Youtube, Google Friend, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Chictopia and, Pinterest, Email RSS Feed
*These stats are as of October 2013

YouTube Stats:
Subscribers: 500+
Channel Uploaded Video Views: 60,000+
Videos Posted: 130+ (Including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Coverage)
Popular Segments: Fashion Steele of the Week

Services: Banner Ads, Links, Informational Links (What's Happening), Giveaways, Sponsored Posts, Event Hosting, Guest Blogging, Writing, Styling, Personal Styling and Shopping, Speaking Engagements, Sponsored Video (such as Fashion Steele of the Week), Fashion Week Correspondent, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Services, Thrift and the City Shopping Tours

Brands I've worked With:
Boy Meets Girl
Blue Plate Clothing
American Apparel
Satya Jewelry