Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fashion Steele of the Week

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 photo 034683x455_zps56a2bcf3.jpg
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scored this Jessica McClintock gold clutch at Century 21 for $24.
its so dainty it can barely fit my cell, a lipstick and my keys. surely it will be used for many a night out in the city when that's exactly all I will need.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cat Hat

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this hat was one of those im not going to buy anything today buys. you know when you walk in a store and say "im just looking" when asked by a sales person if you need any help. just to spite me fate threw this hat in my peripheral vision. I tried it on and i was done. I got the "it's so cute" from the boyfriend and it was a done deal. I've since been waiting for it to be cool enough to wear it. It is felt after all. With the cool days we had in NYC last week it was the perfect time to take my Cat Hat for a spin.
 photo IMG_9938683x1024_zpsdef6682c.jpg
 photo IMG_9971683x1024_zps4c28c435.jpg
 photo IMG_9957683x455_zpsbcab0130.jpg
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 photo IMG_9979683x455_zpsa2215e57.jpg
 photo IMG_9944683x1024_zpsd2b06f3f.jpg
 photo IMG_0042683x455_zps17eeb072.jpg
 photo IMG_9907683x1024_zps04df91fb.jpg
Top: American Apparel | Skirt: Thrifted from The Vintage Twin Trunk Show | Hat: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Zara
I've been holding on to this plaid skirt for a while. it's actually a school girl dress but I like it worn better this way. Plaid is soooooo in right now and I love it! I've worn the hell out of this plaid shirt I picked up at Forever 21. Anywho this dress was a score from my latest trip to The Vintage Twin Trunk Show which is held twice a year in NYC. These Zara heels are my new loves. Yes I'm aware they make my very large feet look like ships passing in the night but I just don't give a rats bum anymore about making my feet look smaller. I have big feet damnit!
PS if you follow me on Instagram you've seen this hat and shoes ;)
Photography by Tiona D.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What to Wear to Fashion Week

To all my fellow fashionista's out there who email me and ask me about how to get into fashion week you can find a step by step guide HERE and on my YouTube Channel. It's not hard it's just a lot of work and by work I mean I a lot of online searching and emailing. But once you've got that coveted invitation, you may be wondering what to wear to New York Fashion Week.
It really depends on what season it is. Next month the Spring/Summer 2014 Collections will be showing and although it will be technically September or close to being Fall it will still be pretty warm.  Here are my tips on what to wear.
1). Dress accordingly to the weather and make sure to check the weather. It often rains during fashion week so keep a small umbrella handy.
2). Carry a big bag or a small rolled up bag inside your bag. You will collect all kinds of stuff inside the tents at Lincoln Center. They love to give away free makeup and magazines and snacks.
3). Wear comfortable yet fashionable shoes. I mean yeah if you wear heels all day your feet will hurt but you will look fabulous and potentially get pap'd by The Sartorialist or Mr. Street Peeper or by Bill Cunningham himself and end up on I always keep a pair of fast flats in my bag because my feet hurt like hell by the end of the day.
4). If you are looking for actual outfits to wear try some of the trends below that are easy to duplicate on any budget: Denim on Denim, Print on Prints, Monochrome, or dress up a tee shirt with boyfriend jeans and amazing heels and accessories.
With the Denim on Denim look its very easy to pull off. Go with a denim top and a denim skirt/shorts or boyfriend jeans. Then dress it up with a statement necklace, a bold lip and a great pump. Bonus: If you are looking to get noticed go with a clear bag/clutch of some sort.
Prints and florals and stripes are super trendy right now which means its easy to find any piece at an affordable price. I love pairing stripes and florals because its so unexpected. If you are looking to get noticed go with the ever so popular mirrored sunglasses or sunnies with a great shape or cool feature.
Monochrome is another trend that easy to pull off. Go Black and White...or with a mixture of all the same colors. I pulled off this all green look one fashion week and it was a hit. If you go the black and white route make sure to punch it up with colors in accessories such as earrings or a bag. Unique bags always stand out.
To check out what people are wearing at New York Fashion Week check these links out!

Monday, August 19, 2013


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what im starting to do is mix more textures within outfits. I find that its more visually stimulating to look at, especially when I see it done on other fashion blogs that I love. here I went with a linen striped jacket, a yarn like top, denim shorts and canvas heels and bag.
 photo IMG_7291683x1024_zps900ffe27.jpg
 photo IMG_7327683x455_zps8b1c60ad.jpg
 photo IMG_7249683x1024_zpsecff610c.jpg
 photo IMG_7348683x455_zpse42d80d2.jpg
 photo IMG_7233683x1024_zps197d5375.jpg
 photo IMG_7368683x455_zps370723de.jpg
 photo IMG_7226683x1024_zpsc8441932.jpg
Jacket: Zara | Top: Eileen Fisher | Shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
also glad I finally got to wear my new Zara heels that I scored for $19.99 at the Zara sale. they are actually pretty freakin comfortable too. although I do love this dark lippy im in the mood for a deep deep vampire red one. a trip to Sephora is in the works soon.
Photography by Tiona D.