Friday, May 31, 2013

top knot

 photo IMG_0736683x1024_zps824058e7.jpg
my photographer begged and I mean begged me to do a shoot with my Senegalese twist up in a bun. honestly I don't like the way it looks and it takes to long to get it all up. I only ever put a hair tie in it when im working, showering, or sleeping. any other time its always down. but its nice to see what I look like with it buned up. im wearing one of my favorite shirt/jackets from Rachel Roy with a cool skirt from ASOS. BTW this photo is what happens when you start singing Rihanna's song Cake and your photog catches you in the moment. lol.
 photo IMG_0705683x1024_zpsf41ac2e3.jpg
 photo IMG_0766683x455_zps2c3359c5.jpg
 photo IMG_0697683x1024_zpsfd4f5179.jpg
 photo IMG_0802683x455_zpse60c271b.jpg
 photo IMG_0688683x1024_zpsedc9493a.jpg
 photo IMG_0775683x455_zps9994c348.jpg
 photo IMG_0676683x1024_zps03c390e4.jpg
Top/Jacket: Rachel Roy | Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: L.A.M.B. | Earrings: American Apparel
I love the contrast of colors between the skirt and the top. At first I was wondering what to wear with this skirt and it just came to me. I like the way it turned out. You can see this skirt worn differently here and the jacket worn differently here. What I really need to do is organize my Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer closets. I'm also thinking of redecorating my office space to included lots of shelving for my shoes. If you have any idea's send them my way!
Photography by Tiona D. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the Gatsby look

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ok so its not really a Gatsby look but i did wear this skirt to see The Great Gatsby because it has that kind of feel to me. I picked this Gryphon skirt up from Loehmanns on sale! I love it to pieces too. the neutral color makes it easy to wear with anything but my favorite to pair it with is denim or a light knit sweater. Oh make sure to check out my post of the Gatsby Costume Exhibit I checked out a few weeks ago at the Prada Soho store!
 photo IMG_0658683x455_zps2210e8a9.jpg
 photo IMG_0585683x455_zps9d1247ee.jpg
 photo IMG_0516683x1024_zps1d2fa021.jpg
 photo IMG_0638683x455_zps5ce2d689.jpg
 photo IMG_0615683x1024_zps3dd710f4.jpg
 photo IMG_0595683x455_zpsbfa0791c.jpg
 photo IMG_0649683x1024_zps4df4bba2.jpg
 photo IMG_0617683x455_zpse411afb4.jpg
 photo IMG_0662683x1024_zps5821acd2.jpg
Skirt: Gryphon | Top: H&M Mens Dept | Shoes: Alexander Wang Aminata | Sunnies: Vintage
I love the heaviness to this sequin skirt too. Makes me feel a little more comfortable that when the wind blows...this bad boy will stay put! I also had the idea of pairing this skirt with denim after seeing the spread in ELLE magazine with Kerry Washington. She was featured rocking all blinged out pieces with denim. LOVED IT! LOVE HER! What am I gonna do till Fall when Scandal returns? *wall slides*
Photography by Tiona D. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Floral Crown Floral Dress

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on a whim Saturday after brunch with my bff at Peels I headed into Forever 21. BTW...Peels has the best shrimp and grits I've ever tasted in my life and I am somewhat of a shrimp and grits connoisseur. Not to mention Johnny Depp walked by while we were waiting for our table. Yes he is as gorgeous in person as he is on TV. Yum. But back to Forever 21...I needed a good pair of denim shorts and knew they'd have some for less than $20. I got the shorts and on the way to the counter scooped up this dress too that I knew would be perfect for a lazy Memorial Day of walking around and eating.
 photo IMG_0913683x1024_zps4286e6fa.jpg
 photo IMG_0998683x1024_zpse9010a74.jpg
 photo IMG_0978683x1024_zps67534edc.jpg
 photo IMG_0880683x1024_zps6c55646c.jpg
 photo IMG_0970683x1024_zps746f3976.jpg
 photo IMG_0820683x1024_zpsa4cb6070.jpg
 photo IMG_1005683x1024_zpsfb9f3693.jpg
 photo IMG_0920683x1024_zpsc1807fff.jpg
Dress: Forever 21 | Flats: Urban Outfitters | Flower Crown: DIY'd | Lips: Stila Fiery Lipstain
i'm really trying to stock up on more easy breezy dresses like this. its nice to just have something to throw on and go. now im going in search of a very delicious cheeseburger and perhaps a hotdog too. i also would like a tall cup of lemonade and perhaps some baked beans. lol. I love food.
everyone in the states have a rocking memorial day!
Photography by Tiona D.