Sunday, July 28, 2013

Atlantic City

hi everyone! I hope yall had a great weekend. I went to Atlantic City with some of my friends and just got back to New York a few hours ago. I had a great time! it was a girls weekend and we had a blast. We walked on the board walk, drank daiquiris, laid on the beach, went to a pool party, gambled and danced. I must say the day pool party we went to was BANANAS and i've never experienced anything like it in my life. it was really fun...and really wet!
 photo 030683x455_zps6d1224b0.jpg
 photo 063683x455_zpsa44b0169.jpg
 photo 179683x455_zps08447202.jpg
 photo 106683x455_zps064a60a1.jpg
 photo 097683x455_zps0fddfd91.jpg
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 photo 115683x455_zpsa3cecf41.jpg
 photo 134683x455_zpsc58d970c.jpg
 photo 095683x455_zps6c75a0a6.jpg
 photo 135683x455_zps3ea9ab99.jpg
 photo 177683x455_zps29b734de.jpg
 photo 081683x455_zps192a9a7b.jpg
 photo 105683x1024_zpsba674098.jpg
Bathing Suit: American Apparel | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Shorts: American Apparel | Top: H&M
atlantic city was a hell of a good time. we stayed at the Tropicana hotel and it was enormous. even though I've lived in New York for 6 years it was my very first time going to Atlantic City but i'm sure it wont be my last...not really for the gambling but for the outlet shopping! You can check out more pics on my instagram including my first attempt at planking.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

white out

 photo IMG_4442683x1024_zps7db94d9c.jpg
even though I don't get the chance to wear it often this white jumpsuit from Zara is one of the favorite pieces in my wardrobe. (speaking of which Zara is having a bomb sale!) Last week when the heat wave nearly killed us all it was a saving grace of an outfit for an event I attended. I don't wear it often because I'm the type of girl who can't keep something white...white! It's nearly impossible for me not to spill something when I wear white lol.
 photo IMG_4550683x455_zps0af7d0fb.jpg
 photo IMG_4449683x1024_zpsa49db259.jpg
 photo IMG_4551683x455_zps94cba899.jpg
 photo IMG_4467683x1024_zps37c7668c.jpg
 photo IMG_4556683x455_zps2a02f5b7.jpg
 photo IMG_4622683x455_zps942177f5.jpg
 photo IMG_4554683x455_zpsb4effed3.jpg
 photo IMG_4529683x1024_zpsfaf8e61e.jpg
Jumpsuit: Zara | Sunnies: Ray Ban via Loehmanns | Sandals: Alexander Wang Aminata
i've been super super busy lately so excuse my lack of posts. I've been working like crazy to save up for Paris in September. I can honestly say i've never worked so hard for anything...well maybe grad school but you get what i'm saying. I'm trying to get a photographer while im there so I can at least be in a few photos. if you all have any recommendations please email me! Also if you are based in Paris let me know if you wanna hang out. I'm always down to meet new people. Right now im packing because tomorrow evening im going to Atlantic City with some of my friends. I've never been so it should be fun! I'll try to get a post or two to you when I'm there with some beach attire.  Make sure to keep up with my instagram for the goods.
Photography by Tiona D.

Monday, July 22, 2013

sharks, sequins and plaid

 photo 216683x455_zps1aabc038.jpg
when I got this plaid top and shark tee from Forever 21 a few weeks ago I knew exactly what I wanted to pair them with...this gryphon sequin skirt! I love the mixture of textures and colors in this outfit. This plaid shirt with leather pockets is one of my best buys from Forever 21. They are definitely stepping their game up. In the past few months I've gotten these two pieces, these shorts and this Tupac top. I wore this outfit to the Lucky Brand jeans event last week.
 photo 207683x1024_zpsd9bf6f8c.jpg
 photo 254683x455_zps7b8dcfc8.jpg
 photo 238683x455_zps9cd0bdf4.jpg
 photo 259683x455_zpsc123de03.jpg
 photo 222683x455_zpsc074867b.jpg
 photo 215683x1024_zpsc729bf21.jpg
Top: Both Forever 21 | Skirt: Gryphon NY via Loehmann's | Sneakers: Steve Madden
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAC Mini
im so incredibly happy the heat wave in New York City is over. I've been dying during those 90 plus days. Let me tell you its really hard to look cute when is 97 degrees and the humidity sends your hair into an afro with uncontrollable frizz and your make up is sliding down your face. Which is why unless I really have somewhere to go...I don't wear makeup. I always feel bad when a reader catches me on a "bum day" (when I look a hot mess). I always feel like I've disappointed them by not living up to their expectations. Actually its kinda funny sometimes. just a normal girl with an unhealthy habit for shoes and a photographer.

Photography By Mark Steele