Friday, September 30, 2011

crazy bag lady

i am a total bag lady especially since discovering
This site is the boutique of all boutiques online.
it's a pretty awesome concept where all the worlds hottest most exclusive boutiques sell on
you can image how many hours I spent perusing the site looking for shoulder bags.
Here are a few lovelies im currently lusting after.
Alexander Wang Deigo Bag my dream bag in life! Would definitely need to save up for this bad boy but have been seeing it everywhere from top bloggers to chic ladies on every New York City Street!  See by Chloe Nylon bag a fashion STEELE at $105 and perfect for rainy days!
See by Chloe Bucket bag and Alexander Wang Ryan Ombre Bag...another one on my
 "Wish I made more money" list.
The bag collection on is INSANE  and they have a great selection of Chloe bags but they also sell everything from clothes to housing knick knacks (which is sure to occupy most of your lunch hour on the internet). But of course the bags and the sale section is what caught my eye.
I find most of my designer deals online in the sale section and this is the time of year when everyone is trying to get rid of their summer inventory. Take NOTE! This is when you should start creating your look for the next summer season! atleast thats what I
Here are some of my favs from sales section.
A bold printed dress will never go out of style.
I am inlove with these adorbs cargo printed shorts!
All of the above items are less than $100 dollars...with these awesome pants come in at just $38 on! So even though it's getting cold don't forget about all the amazing discounts you can find online for HOT summer staples that won't go out of style.
whats your favorite place online to score designer deals?
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marie Claire: What I love about me

did anyone notice I'm on pg 129 of the October Issue of Marie Claire...
check it out to see what I love about me

I'm still kinda in shock. This is my first time in a widely circulated magazine and it's my favorite magazine! Ahhhhhhhh.
I do like my lips but overall I'm pretty happy with my body and my mind.
I just need to drink more water....if only it tasted like soda.

P.S. Check out MY CLOSET for some new Inventory!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

suede shorts and a zipper top ...GENIUS!

I'd been wondering what to pair these suede Top Shop shorts with and when I got this amazing zippered top from the lovely ladies at P. Luca 4 Barami an instant outfit was born.

Top: P. Luca 4 Barami Gifted
Shorts: Top Shop fashion steele at $30 get a similar pair here
Bag: Vintage thrifted from Brooklyn Flea Market
Necklace: Mango see it worn differently here
Ring: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Steven Madden Mercy

I got these shorts during that awesome summer sale at Top Shop a few months ago. Check out some of my fav other shorts here and here. I finally got my massive eyebrows waxed as well. It's amazing how much shaped brows can change your face!
This top is awesome because depending on how sexy or conservative I want to be I can zip it down the shoulders more or right up to my neck lol.

notice my lovely haircut that I got at Arrojo Salon is starting to grow out. I'm wondering if I should let it grow all the way out or recut it.
what do you all think?

Oh..and shout out to all the new readers. I appreciate all the comments and that you take time to read my blog!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashion Steele of the Week Sept 27th

I've started a new little segment on my blog
Fashion Steele of the Week
Check out my amazing find this week!

Awsome right!

Monday, September 26, 2011

i shall remain colorful

yellows and pinks and even light blues aren't naturally considered Fall or Winter Colors
but I'm definitely gonna keep it colorful for Fall.
My new favorite color is Yellow.
Very surprising because I still am and always will be a die hard Green fan.
This Alice + Olivia dress is a new piece in my wardrobe.



Purse: London Fog via Loehmanns
Hat: Random vendor Soho
I love the shape of this dress very reminiscent of the baby doll dress like the one I wore here and here.
The weather is so fickle right now in NYC. One day I need a cardigan, the next I wear leggings and burn up and the next its so humid my hair immediately turns into an afro after being outside for 3 seconds and my eyelashes are sweating.
Fall if you're gonna be here...please stop pump faking me.
I did however get to bust out my new Pelle booties!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

I WON! Saks and Stylelist Competition

Boy oh Boy am I on some cosmic winning streak.
I feel like its because I'm doing what I love.
I think when you do what you love and are happy in life the stars align and you magically win a bunch of cool stuff.
So I won a $2000 gift certificate to Saks by entering the Stylelist designer challenge!

So I got my card and I hit Saks 5th Ave!
These are a some of my buys!

You all can't see me but I am doing a serious
right now while singing
"oh you fancy huh, oh you fancy huh"
Thanks to all that voted for me...I really appreciate it!

Friday, September 23, 2011

pony haired platforms...why Yes thank you!

I should NOT have taken my bum into Top Shop during FNO because of course I saw some shoes I was DYING to have...just like FNO last year when I picked up these beauties.
So I mulled it over...thought they were way too expensive and put them down, only to return a week later to strut around on the 4th floor in them....(I also spotted Whitney Port buying some items as well).
Man whoever thought of pony hair on a shoe is a freakin' genius.


Top: Ali and Kris via Loehmanns $19 STEELE!
Jeans: Forever 21 $12.99 fashion STEELE! get a similar look here
Cardigan: Forever 21
Collar Necklace: Aldo $12!
Ring: Urban Outfitters check out this one and this one i love!
Lippy: Sephora
I am so happy I shelled out the bucks for these shoes. I mean they are so freakin perfect, I think the word "shoes" just doesn't apply. They are orgasmic feet huggers with built in sexy height
And if you haven't copped a pair of color cigerette jeans yet..get on's a trend that wont die...
 p.s. cant effin believe i have on a cardigan...Summer I mourn you!