Friday, August 31, 2012

fashion DON'TS

i'd like women to stop wearing see through leggings.
i should NOT be able to see your underwear.
i would like people to stop wearing tone up sneakers when not working out.
they are the UGLIEST shoes ever some squats or step aerobics instead.
Last but not least.
if your toes are hanging over the front of a sandal gripping the shoe for dear life,
or your heel is hanging off the edge of your sandal/heel/slingback
i dont have many fashion don'ts.
fashion is all about breaking the rules but if i see you on a New York Street doing any of the above.

what are your fashion don'ts????
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wedge sneakers...i love you

i am even happier about my Steve Madden Hilight Wedge Sneakers now that i've worn them approximately 142 times since i bought them last week. probably because they are simply the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. even more so than my ballet flats.
they craddle my feet like new born babies. i feel as though clouds are cushioning my every step.
for those days when im just not feeling like a heel, i will be wearing these.

Top: Bodysuit American Apparel | Boyfriend Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Zara

what better way to wear these than with boyfriend jeans and a bodysuit. the bodysuits added a little more femininity to outfit. a little back never hurt anyone.
i really wanted to wait to jump on this trend because trends come and go. but i actually think this one of the sneaker wedge will stick around for awhile. especially for all the non heel wearing fashionista's out there. *wink wink* i know you all exist out there. these will also be the perfect for running inbetween fashion shows during #NYFW!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

red booties

a quick video of yesterdays outfit post.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

there's no place like home

you all know the color red isn't really my kind of color. but every since getting and wearing
 this fabulous red dress by Synderela i have secretly been craving all things red. i think this is the start of a beautiful relationship between that naughty color and I. fast forward to two weeks ago, i'm perusing my local Zara when #KABOOM i see these fire red suede booties.
i couldn't contain my enthusiasm and straight out busted into the running man and probably scared off a few patrons. of course they didn't have my size (my gargantuan feet ruin my life) but luckily they did online. ahhh the mystical powers of the internet have once again come to the rescue.

Top: Zara | Shorts: Forever 21| Booties: Zara | Bag: M.A.C. Mini c/o Rebecca Minkoff
Sunnies: Ray Ban | Bracelet: c/o MARTI | Lipstick: Stila Fiery | Ring: H&M

these are like the modern day cool girl Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) booties right?!
but really there is no place like home and home to me is North Carolina as well as my current residence in Harlem. I will be needing a much needed rest and relaxation trip back to NC after the madness that is New York Fashion Week takes place. No matter how old i get my mom will still make me breakfast (cheese toast my fav) and want to take me shopping.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

star studded

studs studs everywhere on my shoes....and in my hair. just kidding not in my hair but it rhymed.
i do have studs on my Studded Affair Rebecca Minkoff bag though.
i am really into these shoes i picked up last weekend at Steve Madden.
they make even the most simple and mundane dress rocked out!


Dress: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Studded Affair c/o Rebecca Minkoff
Lipstick: Stila Fiery | Sunnies: Spitfire

these photos were so fun to take. partly because i had to dodge traffic to take them on an overpass.
i love the lighting though. sometimes its fun taking pictures but it can be overwhelming when neighborhood creeps just stand and watch and attempt to take they're own photos of me with their phones O_0
anywho i am super amped that fashion week is right around the corner. make sure to keep track of all the happenings on my twitter, facebook, instagram and NYFW link.
btw...Rebecca Minkoff is having an awesome contest to win tickets to her fashion show!
check it out HERE!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

another thrift day in Brooklyn

it was a bright and sunny 75 degree Sunday.
It was the perfect day for a thrifting adventure in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
As soon as I hopped off the L train at Bedford I ran directly into a few sidewalk sellers and got the most amazing vintage paisely dress for $15. Damn..I love Brooklyn.
I spent 5 hours hitting vintage shops on 7th Street and walked down to the water for the Brooklyn Flea Market and ended my trip with a browse through Beacons Closet before returning to the city.
 Cross Roads has a really great sellection of dresses and shoes!
 If you want vintage Artists and Fleas is where you need to be. It is chalk full of vintage dresses. I spent about an hour in here alone trying on floral dresses and jumpers one after the other.
The prices arent very friendly though. Most vendors price everything about 15-25 dollars over what I'd pay but you can always negotiate.
the floral sweet heart vintage dress.... she didnt fit :-(
I ended up buying 2 pair of sunglasses and a vintage dress.
I really had to hold back because I saw so many awesome things. Check out my last two trips to the Brooklyn Flea Market videos HERE and HERE.
If you want to know more about THRIFTING IN NYC, check out my


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Thursday, August 23, 2012

dresses galore

i think over the past 2 months the majority of my post have all been dresses especially with the
What to Wear in a Date series. well here's another dress...another green dress to be more specific.
what can i say...i do wear a lot of dresses. they are easy and they allow my body to breath. i hate feeling confined which is why i hardly ever wear jeans. especially with these sticky hot New York summer days.

Dress: c/o Bobi | Shoes: c/o L.A.M.B. | Bag: Light Years NC

nothing much to say accept i love these shoes and this jersey dress combination. theres just something about blue and green that i really like. i used the same color combo in this post.
ahhh New York Fashion Week Cometh and I am getting my things together. i have some awesome news..but yall know awesome news can't be shared right away..hmph. but soon enough.


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