Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sneak Peek: New Years Eve 2012

Well today is the last day of 2011 and I had an amazing year.
I started my blog late last year and this year it has just really opened so many doors for me.
I got to accomplish a dream of mine of going to New York Fashion Week.
I was featured in Marie Claire and Glamour Magazine.
I was in an episode of All on the Line with Joe Zee.
I met some amazing people and friends who are all a puzzle in the gigantic thing known as the Blogosphere.
I am really just happy with the way 2011 went and am very excited about all the possibilities 2012 will bring.
Here's a toast to those who've been with me on this journey and to all the things to come!
I am forever grateful for your readership, friendship, and support.

Now here's a little sneak peek into what I will be wearing tonight!
My friends and I are throwing a New Years Eve Bash titled
 "Sequins and Southern Hospitality"
Which means I am slaving in the kitchen baking and cooking as we speak!
Check out my post from last new years HERE.

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy New Year!

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LOOK MA, i'm on TV!

So for those who have been following my blog..remember back in August during THIS POST when I
told you guys I did something AHMAZING that day but couldn't disclose it????
I was actually in an episode of Joe Zee, Creative Directive of Elle Magazines TV Show
It was super fun and I even got to meet Nicole Miller!

After shooting I also had the opportunity to attend Nicole Millers Fashion Week Show and was really blown away by the freshness and youth in her latest collection.

Here is a little clip of the show (check me out at .10sec). It will be on repeat on the Sundance Channel or you can watch it online soon at

Full Episode
I still can barely watch...I'm so stoked. Mr. Joe Zee is also really really nice. I want his job!

Did you all happen to catch the episode?
What are some of your favorite fashion related TV Shows?

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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Give-Away

I had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and for those of you who celebrated I hope you did as well.
I went home to North Carolina. I ate too much food and watched a ton of tv (for those who don't already know, I only have basic cable). I finally got to catch up on the
Real Housewives of Atlanta...yes that show is my guilty pleasure.
Here are a few photos from the holidays along with a swag give-away!

I have a load of swag from New York Fashion Week as well as all these contests I've won and events I've attended.
I'm giving away this Nine West bag full or goodies, make-up, hair care products, Nina Garcia book, a mini-flat iron, jewelry and anything else I can stuff in this bag.

Contest is from Now until January 6th.

To Enter:
Must live in USA (sorry international followers)
Follow me on Google Friend
Leave a message here with your email address

Tis the season to GIVE!

How was everyones holiday?

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Silver and Gold

Christmas is pretty much here and I'm packing my bags to head to North Carolina tomorrow.
I'm so excited that I will be spending Christmas with my family.
I got these awesome silver leggings at H&M a few weeks ago and thought they were perfect for the
Holiday Season.

Top: Thrifted from Goodwill see it HERE
Leggings: H&M $22 a fashion STEELE!
Bag: Thrifted see it worn differently HERE
Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender
Corss Ring: ASOS
Sunnies: Spitfire see them differently HERE
Necklace: Aldo

This long velvet tee is one of my favorite tops that a scored a few months back at Goodwill for just $6! It will definitely come in handy during the winter months as a layering piece.
I also love mixing silver clothing with gold accessories such as my Aldo necklace and my ASOS cross ring. I'm a sucker for gold accessories. Check out my necklace collection HERE and my favorite place to get accessories in NY at Jewelry Plaza.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and stay tuned for a Give Away real soon.


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Marie Claire Goodies

Remember back when I was featured in Marie Claire for the What I Love About Me Contest?
Well I had forgotten all about the prize..a gift bag of awesome goodness.
I was relaxing at home and my bell rings.
There is a huge box from Marie was like an early Christmas!

YAY Thanks Marie Claire!
I can't wait to try out all these products too!
I'll let yall know how it


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the $15 faux fur cape

My $15 faux fur cape from Goodwill is most certainly coming in handy now.
I am so inlove with it and Goodwill for providing me with such a fashion STEELE!
This was the first day I took my little darling for a spin and she enjoyed it!

Top: Ali & Kris via Loehmanns
Jeans: Free People
Booties: Sole Society see more of my collection HERE
Faux Fur: Vintage Terry Lewis via Goodwill see it HERE a fashion STEELE at $15!

This cape is so lush! I really like the color of it too because it can go with just about everything. See my other favorite Eileen Fisher Cape. I'm gearing up to visit my home town in North Carolina for Christmas. I'm so excited to see my family but I hate that the airlines are such jerks during the holidays. My ticket cost me half a million dollars! UGH! But atleast I will get to spend Christmas with my family. Last year I was unable to. Check out my post from last Christmas!

what are you all doing for the holidays?


Monday, December 19, 2011

Fashion Steele of the Week Dec 20th

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and New Years...and although I've done a little shopping for everyone I have also done a little shopping for myself.
I picked up this awesome fashion STEELE at the new Century 21 in NYC.
Remember my little post on the opening HERE?
Well they sure do come through when it comes to accessories!
What do you all think of this weeks STEELE and what in the heck can I wear it with?
Check out more Fashion STEELE's, Thrifting Videos and New York Fashion Week videos on my
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yedi Bandwagon

I've officially gone and jumped on the Yedi Bandwagon. I used to be one of the ones who said WTF I'd never wear a Yedi but here I am eating my words.
Fashion has a way of wearing you down..literally!

Coat: Sinequanone via Loehmanns check out my other fashion STEELE's from there HERE
Top: Thrifted from Housing Works see it worn differently HERE 
Pants: H&M
Shoes: L.A.M.B. via Loehmanns
Sunnies: D&G

I love how the inside of this coat is such a rich purple color as well. I'll tell ya one thing this yedi sure keeps me warm. Speaking of warmth, I've been really into tea lately. It is my new passion and I just discovered Argo Tea in Flatiron and am OBSESSED with it.

What are your Winter obsessions?


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