Sunday, August 28, 2011

monroe's work out plan

thats right put in work, eat that salad no dessert...WHAT no dessert???efff that!
A lot of you have been asking about my workout regime so I put together a little outfit post to show how I keep in shape. To start off I take a lot of outfit pictures standing on one leg in high heels to increase my calf strength and balance. hehe
Notice my MAC & Milk T-Shirt from my first ever IFB Conference. So stoked for IFB next month..blogger extravaganza!
I drink mostly water. I gave soda up for lent and just kinda never really drank it again. I find that drinking it out of a wine glass makes it taste better. It's also helped a lot with my acne. Yes I have acne..and I dont photoshop my pimples out either. lol.

The only real exercise I do is on my Wii Fit and my favorite is the hoola hoop game. It really gets those abs tight and works out your legs too! If you don't have Wii just get a hoola hop!

Theres that one leg stance again..while washing
I balance huge september magazine issues on my head while walking in 5 inch heels. I also lift them up and down to build up my biceps. no flappy arms for me!

Next up I live in a 5th Floor Walkup. So I get a workout for my legs atleast twice a day.

Lastly, I do not deprive myself. I eat cookies, ice cream and cake all the time. Sometimes for dinner.

No but really I don't exercise other than my Wii Fit. I do a lot of lifting and walking for work which is why my arms are so buff. I actually try not to do too much lifting because I dont want them to get too buff (gross).
I'm sure at some point I will have to start exercising for real...but until then I'm relying on my good genes and high metabolism.



  1. love it :)

  2. Oh my gosh I love your top :D

  3. You are fabulous. I will have to start lifting the Vogue magazines, LOL.
    Aren´t you lucky to go to IFB, ahhhhhhhhhh so jealous!!!
    Are you ok with H. Irene???

  4. I love that gif, so cute!!! And black cherry ice cream, YUM!

  5. LOL if you are not one of the silliest people in the world....I DON'T KNOW WHO IS! lol love this post...ur lucky u have good genes


  6. I sooooo need that TOP! Hmmmm we must barter soon!


  7. Omg, you are so cute! hahah I love how you lift
    the sept vogue issues!! and I want some of your ice creamm... <3


  8. I love this post, haha laughed with the magazine lifting! I'm kind of like you. I never really workout apart from my tango classes 2 times a week and dancing around in my house when I hear a nice song! And I do eat my sweets and junk food too! xxx

  9. Hehe awesome post. Love the workouts that relate directly to fashion. I really must get the Wii


    Fashion Nostalgia

  10. Okay so I totally die for this post...just adore.


  11. Your best and most hilarious post yet!

  12. Very nice post!!! :D ehehe


  13. I love the sense of humour your bing to your blog, and particularly to the somewhat sensitive topic of workouts and body image :) You do look fabulous, it must have something to do with walking up those five flights of stairs every day in your heels!

  14. very nice post ... i love your white shirt ....

  15. Hey,I am a 12 year old girl and I draw fashion designs.If you wanna see it,go on
    (You know I'll follow you,but not just bcuz I want you to follow me,its bcuz im interested in your blog :)

  16. this is the funniest and cutest post ever. I love it. I know people ask me for my workout regime and even worse fitness companies have asked to use me and Im like ughhhhhhhhh I dont work out :(

  17. You are awesome. Seriously I love this post! I used to clean in heels all the time. I'll be at the IFB con...can't wait to see you all there!

  18. Mao these r awesome


  19. Love your personality. You are so down to earth.

  20. I really need to establish a work out regime and stick to it. I'm waaaaaaaaay too lazy!

  21. fabulous!

  22. I just laughed outloud at this!! So cute. That is quite the workout plan. Love it.


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