Thursday, February 23, 2012

there they were Green and Furry

so there i was..perusing the designer racks at Loehmanns. There was a huge sale going on and I was hoping to score some serious designers for less. Well the $600 Valentino dress in dusted gold
was 50% off but that was out of my price range. I do still need to buy the essentials in life such as groceries.
I was just about to call it a loss when I saw something. Something green and furry.
To my surprise it was a pair of Missoni Shorts with green inside furry lining.
You will NEVER guess I much I got them for either!

Top: Vintage from Finderz Keeperz Boutique | Pleated Cotton Shorts: Missoni via Loehmanns
Boots: Pelle Moda via Loehmanns | Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana via Loehmanns
Blue Ring: Top Shop
These shorts clocked in at $38!
This has to be the best fashion STEELE so far!
They were marked down and then marked down again and then 50% off.
I scurried so quickly to the dressing room that I think I knocked an old lady over.
They fit.
They are mine.
always and forever....
Missoni Shorts.
I know I'm always getting on my Loehmanns soap box but lets be real here...they are kicking these
chain stores a$$es. They are always the first place I look for amazing deals.


  1. Cool shorts. I like how you fanned out the furry parts.

  2. i love the combination with the short and the boots.Plus those glasses are really cute

  3. totally loving this look...the glasses take it to the whole other level of retro chic.definitely with a modern twist and those shorts are A Amazing!!

  4. Work miss honey! You look great. The mint compliments you well

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  5. Those shorts are really great on you. I have the visual of you knocking the old lady down lol!! Proud of you ~~Mieka Smith

  6. Terrific outfit, I love everything about it :) chev

  7. Love the top and the furry detailing on the shorts.


  8. Very nice look,hon!Love the boots!

  9. awesome eyewear! <3

  10. I absolutely l-o-v-e that combination with the shorts and the boots!
    You look great as always, very pretty outfit xx

  11. Those shorts are great! I love it <3

  12. I love those shorts! And the sunglasses are great on you. You have killer style.


  13. The shorts are adorable AND so unique! And at that price, sorry old lady for knocking ya down!

    Happy Friday!

  14. Love the blouse and the glasses look amazing on, great find!

  15. wow great outfit from the sunnies to the boots, i would wear this, you look amazing! :) chev

  16. very extraordinary! I'm impressed:)


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