Monday, December 17, 2012

True to Size? The best fitting jeans

I am a stone cold size 6 or 29 jeans. I can squeeze myself into a 4 but the jeans are so tight my bum is squished like a pancake. I remember once wearing my favorite pair of jeans. Yeah they were tight but that was the point. I was gearing up to go on a date with my then boyfriend when he said..."are you wearing those?" to which I said..."what these jeans?" to which he said..."yeah." to which I said, "what's wrong with these jeans? they are my favorite." to which he calmly and coolly said
"those jeans do not display what I know to be the truth"
that basically those jeans my bum was nonexistent because they were too tight.
so since then I always make it a point to look for great fit, without sacrificing all my mother, walking up 5 flights of stairs everyday and cupcakes have given me.
So I went on the ultimate challenge to find the perfect skinny jean. The 3 stores I visited were H&M, Zara and Loehmanns. I found out that just because I'm a solid 6 US or 29 in denim, not all denim is created equally.
I love Zara for so many reasons. They are always on trend, they have high low price points and the clothing is well made. But who ever is doing fit modeling for them...can't be right. I am no where near a size 6 when it comes to Zara denim. I can't even get a size 6 past my thigh. No joke I tried on 7 pair of Zara denim/pants. Out of those 7 pairs of jeans I needed a size 10 for 4 pair of them and a size 8 for the remaining 3 pair. Zara's jeans are NOT true to size unless you have no hips, thighs or booty. At least not for me.
H&M is always a go-to store for me when I need something basic. I would say the majority of my jeans come from H&M. For the most part my experience with denim shopping at H&M has been great. Whoever does their fit modeling...knows what the hell they are doing! I tried on 7 pairs of jeans at H&M (and bought 2 pair). They were all size 29. The one pair that didn't fit was the white painted denim from the Margiela collaboration. I could not get it past my thigh. Even the 32 wouldn't button in those jeans. But all the other H&M jeans fit perfectly without sacrificing my curves. H&M denim is well made and pretty much last forever.
Loehmanns is my number 1 favorite place to shop because they carry so many awesome denim brands from Joes Jeans, to J Brand, to Seven's. For the sake of narrowing it down to a particular brand, I tried on 7 pairs of 7 jeans  (I just realized 7x7 lol). Anywho all of the jeans were a size 29 and they all fit perfectly. EVERY pair fit perfectly. The people over at 7 know how to cut a freaking jean! I bought 2 pair. I camouflage pair and a black denim pair with floral print.
Thus...that is my true to size denim test. 7 jeans wins, followed closely by H&M. This also may be why I don't own one pair of Zara's jeans. Even though I really want these and these...the fit just isn't quite right.

do you have any similar denim experiences with any of these brands?
what jeans work best for you?


  1. They look lovely on you.

  2. Wow this is so crazy. Before reading your review, I thought for sure you would say you love Zara's jeans. In the last 2 months alone, I have bought 5 pairs...and I fit a size 6-8 in their jeans and I know for sure you are smaller than me. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?! lol. I actually love Zara's jeans right now b/c they make me appear to have a butt when I really don't. Crazy how true it is to always find jeans for your body type!

    taylor & DEMOLISH

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  3. awesome review I've heard alot of people say the same thing about Zara pants and jeans since i'm curvy Im not even gonna try great post!

  4. That boyfriend was hilarious! I can appreciate an honest yet tactful man. I'm gonna try some 7 jeans! Great post.

  5. I'm nowhere near curvy but I love 7 FAM! I recently discovered their jeans at a Bloomingdales outlet and it was love at try on. Just enough stretch and a high enough rise so you can stoop to pick up something and not moon the world. I think I maybe developing a denim addiction because of them!

  6. I have had that experience with pants at Zara. Someone told me they are cut smaller because they are a European brand. Idk? Have you tried Lucky jeans?

  7. 7 jeans are amazing and the hold up really good. I still wear a pair that I purchased back in 06.


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