Monday, February 28, 2011

Some of my new favorite buys

Its raining like crazy outside so I though'd I'd post a few of my new favorite things.

 So of course I have been shopping like a maniac lately but mostly thrifting. These are some of my most recent purchases. I am a total magaziniac and buy all the my favorites: Marie Claire, Elle, Lucky and Glamour. I'm not a subscription kind of girl but I'm actually thinking of subscribing to Marie Claire and Elle because it will help me save a little money. I just hate waiting. I want it right when it hits the stands, not 2 days later. I even picked up this Vogue because of the stunning editorials when i thumbed through it at CVS.

 These Steve Madden Gold lame and wood sling back platform pumps are definitely my favorite purchase of the moment. I got them about one week ago at Nordstrom Rack. They were 30% off! Guess how much I paid for them....$25!!! Can we say in STEELE!!!!! Can't wait until Spring to whip these man eaters out!

 This is my favorite new shoulder purse by BCBGeneration. I love that its white patent snakeskin with gold accents. Its super summer like and more importantly big enough to fit atleast half of my life into. Best part is I got it on sale for $39 at Loehmanns (my new favorite department store). The one on 73rd is freaking AMAZING! I also upgraded my existence by getting a new droid phone...Ally for Verizon. I love it because its touch screen, and has a keypad. I've never been so inlove with a phone before!

 I got this amazing vintage sheer with lace detailed collar and sleeves from one of my vintage frequent stores Finderz Keeperz Vintage Boutique on Harlem. Can you believe it was only $10. Isn't the detailing on the extra long sleeves amazing. Ugh I die. I can't wait to wear this!

 These are my favorite nail colors of the moment. Still waiting on my Essie Smokin Hot though! Damn you New York City and all your savvy nail lovers who have bleed the city dry of Essie Smokin hot nail polish!

 I also scored these great little flats from Urban Outfitter..on sale!
Favorites Buys
Marie Claire (this March issue is chalk full of amazing affordable finds! and they did a FIT me Maybelline spread combined with What I Love About Me and it was brilliant and I love the new FIT me! Makeup by Maybelline. Its almost better than Makeup Forever and wayyyyyy cheaper. I'm 355!)
ELLE (loving the style A to Zee everything you need for Spring)
Purse: BCBGeneration via Loehmanns
Top: Vintage via Finderz Keepers Vintage Boutique 
Nail Colors: American Apparel Mac Arthur Park, Loreal Paris Mango Get-Em, MatteseElite (knockoff Smoking Hot), Essie Sew Psyched
Shoes: Steve Madden via Nordstroms Rack see more of my shoe collection HERE!!!!
Flats: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Phone: Verizon Ally

What do all think of my new favorite purchases? Also is anyone else a fan of Marie Claire???

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  1. lovely purchases

  2. great steele's lol! anway i lovethe sheer top and only $10 great buy and i love the greet flats! cute haul!

  3. Amazing items!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! <3

  4. i want all of these! the heels and the nail colour i love!x

  5. I love those purple sunglasses, they are too cute! And those Steve Madden shoes were a serious steal, love them!


  6. I wish they had Steve Madden here ! Love the magazine collection you havev there ;-)

  7. I have that grey ME nail polish...and yay for a new phone!! <3

  8. I only look at and subscribe to Lucky Mag. I need no more fuel for my shopping flame! I do have an issue with Lucky (which is best left unsaid) but I do like what they offer. I'm not a huge fan of 'celebrities' saturating everything and Lucky keeps it pretty much strictly product. Love the sew psyched nail polish color. I tried it on earlier this year!

  9. Great items :-) I've never bought a Vouque in my whole life, but Lady Gaga would make me do it *lol* I know that a lot of people don't like her, call her ugly, whatever, but I'm a fan - IMO she's amazing.
    Is that Essie "Chinchilly"? I've "Smokin' Hot" since ages & still haven't worn it. I'm a polish addict & just have so many (won't say the total amount *gg*).
    If I just go thrifting once, you always find such amazing things!

  10. Digging on those Steve Maddens! And only $25? Yes please.

  11. that vintage blouse is to die! can't wait to see you wear it in an outfit!


  12. Very cute detailed top... So.. I just joined your meetup group =) hopefully we shall meet soon xo

  13. When is the meet up group!! I'll be town and back out of town on the 20th. I shouldn't make plans for this day, I'll be hella busy!!

    I've subscribed to Marie...and about the 15th of each month, I begin to crave the next issue and and then I get home and it's n my mailbox!!


  14. I love all of your findings especially the steven madden slingback!! and the lace top!!
    Cant wait for me to go thrifting too lol

  15. Those Steve Maddens are BRILLIANT. $25???? Are you kidding me? I'm depressed I can't have them.

    Have a great one! x



  17. yay vogue! plus gorgeous gorgeous flats. amazing finds! now I want to sit and read magazines for hours ;)


  18. I love the lace blouse, can't believe it was only $10 though! :O

    Little Humble Fashion Abode

  19. Love it all and those Steve Maddens ♥

  20. I suscribed to Elle and Marie-Claire and I really don't regret it, it's my pleasure every week.
    I almost forget it's out, and when I get it, it's such a great surprise! Don't wait to suscribe :)
    I am litterally in love with your wonderful Steve Madden shoes... If one day you want to sell them... I'm here!

  21. Inspiring photos! I love these heels!

  22. wooow! woow wooow :0
    Lovely blouse, bag and the creme shoes <33


  23. Hei darling! beautiful pics! love your white shirt!:)

  24. these are such great purchases! i love the steve madden shoes ($25?? what a steal) and also the great nail colors!

  25. all good buys.
    when are we getting together?!
    what's the "meet up group" thing? i'm kind of confused. ha been so busy haven't been able to really take a good look at it! must do that :)
    ps. LOVE the velvet in the post below! huge velvet fan here!!! xo


  26. great purchases. love the steve madden shoes and the green flats. I AM a mag girl too...I just can't get enough, unfortunately, I can only get a previous month's edition of Cosmo, Glamour, Elle, Instyle, Vogue, and other's in Nigeria, sucks, but there's True Love, here, which I love.

  27. Beautiful blouse, bag and the lovely creme shoes))
    I love this post dear!!!

  28. I'm Loving those Steve Madden Shoes a lot.

    Lisa xx
    I posted about some inspirational home office decor, come by and check it out.

  29. Lots of goodies!!! Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!!!

  30. that blouse is soo gorgeous!

  31. Thanks for checking out all my new buys everyone! @LovenWrite..decided to go ahead and subscribe..thanks doll@Lesapea..cant wait to check it out @Zarna..i know i almost cried when I paid on $25 for them..Yay Nordstroms Rack!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  32. I love new goodies! I just got some new goodies that i'm excited about too including the opi shatter polish which is DOPE

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl


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