Saturday, February 19, 2011

Urban Outfitters Around The World Designer Showcase

Yesterday I attended a pretty cool event at Urban Outfitters in Soho. The store had a special Spring sneak preview event with a chance to meet the designers. In all there were 14 brands from all over the world. The clothes were simply amazing and will be available sometime in the next week or so. It was a great atmosphere of shopping, listening to great music and meeting the designers.
 My friend Lena and I had a great time.
I didn't come in wearing this hat. I picked it up and wore it throughout the store. I love it. I think its perfect for Spring and Summer.
My good friend and fellow fashionista Lena (Check her foot work!!!)
The DJ was great and so were the free Izze drinks and snacks! There was even a manicure station!

We were given these cute little passports to walk around, check out each designer and get a special stamp on our passport. After getting all of our stamps we got an awesome giftbag!

I am in love with the color and fabric of this skirt!

I also love these shorts by Sessun

Making sure I get my stamp for visiting this brand. Do you see these amazing platform sandals?!? These will be mine very very shortly! Brand: Market
Lena fell in love with the shoes Brand: Rodebjer and I fell for an amazing slouch blazer in a camel color from the same brand!

House of Dagmar was one of my favorite brands because it just had something for everyone! They had these white pants that were so chic. I want them as soon as they hit the shelves.
Loved these shorts. Brand: Wood Wood

After visiting all the stations we got our giftbags!

Then ofcourse we went shopping lol.

This necklace was not among the new designer pieces soon to be in for Spring but when I saw it I fell...hard. This necklace is pure ME! I have to have it. I'm going to get soon as I find some money lol.
 Isn't she lovely?
Gift Bag Goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top: Bodysuit American Apparel
Skirt: Vintage see more of it HERE!!!!!
Shoes: NYLA Sully Clog via DSW
Studded Rubber Belt: Gifted from Avril (Designer)
Necklace: Deisel thrifted from Housing Works Thrift Store
Hat: Urban Outfitters

I'm starting to have Goodie Bag overload. I have so many giftbags I dont know what to do with them all. I'm glad Fashion Week is over. It was fun but goodness I am exhausted! I need to get some major sleep this weekend and catch up on doing some things for my blog that I learned at the IFB Conference. This was the funnest Fashion Week ever for me! I'm looking forward to Fashion Week in September, I'm just glad I will have plenty of time to recooperate. I've been so busy I missed The Game and Real Houswives of ATL. But dont worry I will be catching up on all the TV drama on Sunday :-)

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  1. Looks like the event was a fantastic time.....I love your cardi..


  2. this looks like one awesome party!combine fashion and music and shopping and its a yes for me! those platforms are not! love your hat!x

  3. love those pieces! and that dress beside the mini market sign is really nice

  4. Your outfit looks so cute, so *hm* fresh, yes, I think I'd say it looks fresh :-)
    Those gift bags are amazing, can you believe it, I never ever was at any event where they had gift bags. I'd feel like a celeb if I got one *gg*

  5. Fantastic outfit my friend! i loveeeed ;)*

  6. oh that look like a very fun event!! I love urban outfitters and love Market brand, that wedges is beautiful and agree with the necklace

  7. soo jealouuuss
    wanna be there :s


  8. wow looks like an awesome event!!!
    love your cardigan :)

    x Stace

  9. You look great! You always go to the coolest events:)

  10. So you're telling me that you met the designers of Stolen Girlfriends Club at this event!? Why didn't you get a picture!? haha

  11. This looks like a great event! Can't wait to move back to the city and GET INVOLVED. Haha, guess I gotta rep for Cleveland while I'm here though.

    Stacey Kay
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    Shopping guide to achieve ‘hipster chic’
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  12. wow, how do u knwo about these events? i would love to go too..i live like 3 block away from uo soho... i wanna go too

    follow if u like what u see?


  13. Wow!! Seems like such a cool event with FANTASTIC clothes! :)

  14. wouw i love your blog :)
    keep on doing :D

  15. Lovely blog! love your style and your pics!you have a new follower from Spain! if U can visit my blog and follow if U like it!!

  16. aww that's an enjoyable time!!
    nice blog babe...I gotta follow u!
    Hope u have time to visit mine here


  17. Monroe, you outfit is so fab. Love the shade of your skirt and how well you have paired it.That necklace is awesome...I am so looking forward to seeing you wearing the pink platforms.
    Enjoy the rest of Sunday my friend.

  18. thanks love!!
    wish you a wonderful sunday!!!

    Kisse Julia

  19. Just came across your blog and wanted to invite you to take part at my giveaway ;)
    Click here to take part

  20. The clothes look awesome and so do you:) I love your skirt!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  21. I love the sessun shorts too!
    You look super cool, and the hat fits very well!

  22. Such an awesome gift bag. What a fun time.

  23. your outfit is so cool and eclectic!

  24. So much fun! I love the colourful streamers and the mani station! You look incredible- yay for your great hat! I'm jealous of all your fun gift bags! xo Emily

  25. Love your hat and the Sessun shorts!

    Following you, please don't hesitate to check me out at

    <1 <2 <3

  26. Oh, and I forgot to say, I am UTTERLY jealous of how you live in NYC. :')

  27. thank you for visit my blog!
    yes, she all are my fun hahaha!

  28. * Sorry, I haven't finished my comment yet hahaha,
    I love yooour pictures in this post, you look so great girl! Lovely style !
    Hugs foor you honey, <3!

  29. you make me soooooo want to live in NY too T__T

  30. h u look gorgeous and seems u had fun!!
    i must tell u i had to move from blogger to my own domain because of hacking!i am now at:

    click on my pic to check if it takes you there!i hope so!!
    many kisses i missed u all!

  31. OMG I love these pics, all the dresses,your outfit and your's amazing.
    I follow you and I hope you do the same with me after visiting me! I'm expecting for you: it would be an honour!
    thanks, v

  32. The necklace is sick! OMG I LOVE ALL THESE PHOTOS, amazing event!! I'm loving the passport theme, that is sick! UMMM love this!!!! More?!!

  33. so many cute things!!! looks like you had a lot of fun. i loooove your sweater! xo

  34. oooh girl, i love your look here, especially the vintage cardigan! it's so fabulous!

    i wander, i wonder

  35. Looks like a great event.
    Great style.. I want your hat
    Lee x

  36. that belt is awesome. and i'm loving all the shorts and shoes in this post!

  37. i love that hat too. i need one like that for spring.

  38. This looks like so much fun! Great outfits (love the minimarket jacket) and I love the necklace you're wearing!

  39. Thanks :=)
    Def the hat is perfect for the sunny days.
    I didn't go to the 1st meet of fashion bloggers.


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