Friday, April 1, 2011

Technicolor Dreamshorts

Sweater: H&M
Shorts: Urban Outffiters
Sunglasses: Gifted Urban Outfitters
Hosiery: American Apparel
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany Platform

So this is me dreaming of warmer weather. I actually wore this last weekend when the weather wasn't so shitastic. None the less...I must
Urban Outfitters is fast becoming one of my favorite stores. I personally think the majority of their products are super awesome but super overpriced. I rarely buy anything not on sale. So thankfully these shorts were! I love the colors. They were only $20 fashion STEELE! Check out the other shorts a got there HERE!!!!
I also got to finally wear these awesome sunglasses I got in my giftbag from the
I also finally got to wear my beaded bracelet that I got in college from my social studies teacher who was pretty freaking awesome. She always let us choose a gift from "The Gift Chest" when we made the highest grade..needless to say she had awesome gifts and I wanted them...I have 4 total lol. They title from this post is actually from a play I saw during my first class trip to Washington DC when I was in middle school. Technicolor Dreamcoat...check it's awesome!

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  1. Lovely simple daytime outfit! Haute!

  2. This is so cute and I'm loving your short hair! Those shorts look great too. I like how you styled this.

    I love that bracelet! I have a similar one in black that one of my co-workers brought me from South Africa that's been in hibernation. I should wear it more often.

  3. ahh so such a good student I like the bracelet :-) I wish I had more patients for the sals rack at shops. Funny thing is I can go through pages of sale items online! Something about physically being there I feel like I could be doing something else... (silly me)

    ps I frequent the Zara in 42nd and 5th (the most) and the ones on 34th and 68th

    Fashion Nostalgia

  4. Love the outfit...the shorts are so cute!! You need to post this outfit to Jessica Simpson Collection's FB page since you're wearing the Dany


  5. love your hair cut, it gives you an extra edge and a sense of refinement to your style.

  6. This is a great outfit! You have great style, and you're very pretty :)

  7. You are great! I think i' goin to follow you :) your earings are cool!

  8. i love love love and again LOVE your shorts...searching for somehting like that so outfit!

    Greetings from germany,
    xx D.

  9. Aw don't you look gorgeous! Those shorts are so cute!

    My lovely, I must say, I LOVE your blog! SOOO following! Follow me? :)

  10. Wow, Monroe, every time I look at your new hair style i see you more fantastic and stylish.
    How fabulous!!
    Not many people could pull off those hot shorts the way you do, my dear friend.

  11. Loving the shorts and loving Urban Outfitters too. They just opened up a new one two blocks from my job...and now the weather's getting warmer...I cannot be held accountable for popping in there from time to time :)

  12. i feel the same way. I have a love hate relationship with UO, love their clothes, hate the price. LOL.

  13. soo chic...will spring ever get here. ita april and its so freaking cold over here. 1st timer! lol

  14. the color of your lipstick is perfect. love it!!!!
    ♠ ♠ ♠

  15. The short hair REALLY suits you!!! I am loving your technicolour shorts- very funky!

  16. @Apt23 thanks so much..MAC girl...@Tinfoil Tiaras..thanks i love your red hair too!@Baby Budget..girl don't spend all your money so you can take another cool vacay ahaha

    xoxo Monroe

  17. i love those shorts !!! and the shoes :O im absolutly gaga for those shoes loool xoxo

  18. I love your blog, i have spent the whole night just browsing all your dats kinda sad aint it! anyhoo yeah..
    if any1 wants to i shall shamelessly plug my blog: WWW.WHYNOTGIRL.BLOGSPOT.COM

    I'm new to all this and i live in wales, m a short little blak african girl who likes whatever she likes, dnt follow trends...usually..Jah bless


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