Sunday, October 16, 2011

dont put away those cutoff shorts

it's that awkward time of year where you can't quite wear cutoffs and a tank top even though it's 70 degrees in outside. I always think in the back of my's October and that keeps my wardrobe in the correct season.
so I reel in the summer and Fallerize (yes i just created that word...don't steal it) my cutoffs with a light sweater.

Sweater: Kensie via Nordstroms Rack
Shorts: Levis
Bag: Thrifted see it worn differently here
Hat: Random Soho Vender get a similar look here

i've already switched out my extreme summer clothes for some Fall tops but these are the only pair of jean cutoffs i left out. i plan to wear these straight through the Fall and into early Winter with some opaque tights.
this look is one of my favorites for Fall. i wish i had more cutoffs though like
these and these. with a thick chucky sweater and combat boots they'd be perrrrrrfection!
so what from your summer wardobe will you be keeping out through Fall and Winter?
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  1. Darling look on you and I love your sweater, bag and super fun ring! Plus, you look adorable in hats!

    Liesl :)

  2. Nice way to keep the shorts out for the Fall. I will be leaving out maxi dresses and skirts and pairing them with knits and boots.

  3. Gorgeous!These shorts look great on you!

  4. You have the best collection of shoes ever, Monroe.

  5. I like your outfit! The hat is very sweet!

  6. those shoes are wonderful and I love your sweet hat

  7. If it's hot I wear my cutoffs too! This crazy weather! You look great!!

  8. I totally agree with wearing the cut off shorts with a sweater. Something I would wear.

  9. I love everything about this outfit. Especially the sweater and the bag. I always wear my cut-offs with a thick long sleeve shirt, a faux fur vest, and booties. xoxo

  10. Very pretty and stylish <33


  11. Can't go wrong with cutoff's and a nice black loose fitting knit even in this tricky weather. I wear everything all year round... oh minus white short shorts haha.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  12. SWEEHEAT! Yes hold on to them for one more week or two more,
    Luv'n those JC Fords...GIVE ME!

  13. Love love your blog it just gets better and better with time!!!!

    kisses from L.I.W.

  14. the jcs are amazing!!! you look so pretty.

  15. I'm digging that bowler hat! And of course your flirty smile ;)

  16. Great look! Chic, sexy and stylish! Love the entire look and your shoes and ring really stand out. Love it!

  17. That clavicle bone is everything!

  18. This is such a stunning outfit and you look beautiful:)))
    Lets follow each other if you like my blog.
    *kisses from South Africa*

  19. LOVE your shoes and sweater - you are stunning, and these colors really suit you well! Lovely style, blog, and content!

    Stop by sometime!
    xxox Jordana

  20. This is beautiful, you have great fashion sense :)

    Followin each other right? :)

  21. Love this look! Shoes = Amazeballs. Fabulous, darling!

  22. OMG amazing shoes, this outfit is perfect!

  23. Yup, keeping out the cutoffs as well! Oh, and some of my summer dresses. Throwing a sweater over them will winterize them right up!

  24. OMGosh! I have that sweater! Well I bought it for my sister but I'll be wearing it at times. I'll probably get the charcoal colored one if it's still at my job (Nordstrom Rack).


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