Sunday, October 9, 2011

what's on

whats up with this indian summer we are having in New York City? Last week it was damn near winter and now its back in the 70's and 80's
I wont complain though...this gives me some time to rock one of my favorite fall looks the classic button down, skinny jeans and platforms.

Top: H&M
Jeans: Seven
Necklace: ALDO a STEELE at $12
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff see it worn differently HERE
Sunglasses: Spitfire see my other pair HERE

I've gone sunglasses crazy. Do you ever just start to like a certain accessory so much you buy a million pairs? well im on my sunglasses kick right now. I think this year alone I've gotten about 13 new pair. These are one of my favorites from Spitfire. they are so quirky which is why i love them.
I'm super excited for the crisp fall weather. mostly so I can wear all my many pairs of boots.

is anyone else excited that the Fall shows have FINALLY STARTED!
some of my new favorites are Revenge which also features one of my favorite fashion bloggers Ashley of Ring My Bell. I have always loved Gossip Girl but its been lacking luster the last few episodes. Glad they are moving it back to New York from Cali. Another is Pan Am!
 I love that show. They are so freakin glamourous!

so what have you been collecting and more importantly what have you been watching?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh snap. I must put yall on to one of my new favorite youtube tv shows.
if you enjoy pure comedy that will have you peein your pants..check out

P.S. check out the New Inventory in my Closet!


  1. Great look,hon!Love your shoes!

  2. looove those shoes! and the bag :)

    XO Sahra
    PS Don't forget to check out the Hallie Friedman Jewelry giveaway on my blog!

  3. Wonderful shoes and sunnies, Monroe.

  4. Those shoes are hot. I've been following Gossip Girl since it started but it is getting kind of bland and I was sick of that Ivy chick as soon as they put her on the show. They need a new/juicy story line asap. xoxo

  5. I LOVEEEEEEE The shoes!!!!!!

    7eventh Letter

  6. Gossip Girl has got a bit rubbish recently! Still, great show just for the clothes. Love Serena!

    All your accessories here are amazing, you look amazing and I'm absolutely LOVING those shoes! xxx

  7. omg I love those freaking heels!

    get it girl


  8. I don't watch much tv but when i do its always HGTV. I've been totally collecting maxi skirts and palazzo pants. Your body is sick. I will kill for your shape.

  9. Your shoes are to die for, really!

  10. Love your look. Don't you just love Pan AM. I thought I was alone in thinking that show was a must see.


  11. I loveee those shoes....


  12. You look beyond fab and those shoes rock!!

  13. I know! this indian summer is not a bad thing...but I prefer fall fashions.

    Anyway, I agree about gossip girl and pan am! I MISS THE PLAYBOY CLUB lol.

  14. Those shoes are all sorts of fabulous!!! This weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Hoping this warm weather lasts till November :) Loving the Good Wife and Up All Night!

  15. I'm in complete lust with those shoes.

  16. love the shades, and thanks for the sweet comment!

  17. im dying over those shoes,,love love love them!!

  18. those shoes! WOWZERS!
    Lovin' it all
    I am N'love with all things Sunnies.....
    Just love the John Lennon look!


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