Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fashion isn't always expensive

but these YSL pumps and this Marc Jacobs bag sure as hell were.
I guess we all make sacrifices for "investment pieces"

Pants: H&M see them in another post HERE
Top: Forever 21 see it worn differently HERE
Shoes: YSL Opyum
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace: Modern Tibet

I have a feeling I am going to be wearing these harems A LOT! They are so chic yet soooo frickin comfy! No wonder I've been wearing them sooo often . Decided to break out my YSL's. I really love them. They are indeed the tiniest heel I own but the pointed purple tip is very sophisicated.
I'm on my grown women ish in these CFMP...(can anyone guess that those letters mean?!)
haha if you figured it out.
I got the bag and the shoes on my visit to Saks when I won the Saks and Stylelist Competition.
It was actually my First time ever in Saks and I was mesmerized by all the amazing clothing.
I also had a great time with my customer service rep. She basically took me from floor to amazing floor helping me pick my items.
I felt like queen of the world!



  1. you look so sophisicated and stylist..and i love love love ur statement necklace...wanna share where u got them?:)

  2. LOVE the look, I need to get me some comfy pants soon. Definitely a queen :-)
    ps I'm sloooow- so didn't get that CFMP!!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  3. Cute shoes and I love the color of that blouse!


    Stop by some time!

  4. Love the bag and the pants. Those pants look familiar! The jacquard type of material, a little ruched but comfy right?

  5. Great look,hon!Love the pants!

  6. Very cool pumps. Love the look.

  7. Investment pieces can last forever if taken care of so I don't mind spending the $$ on certain items! LOVE Saks, thankfully my job moved a lil further away so I don't get into trouble there too often anymore :)

  8. Love those harems and the whole look!!! CFMP hmmm...Can't Feel My Pain/Pinky Toe?? LOL

  9. that bag is AMAZING!! love the look!

  10. this outfit is hot I especially love that statement necklace

  11. I love everything about this look, but especially the necklace! You know I'm a sucker for tribal inspired garb like that.

    Goodwill Huntingg
    Best trendy boots on a budget - $50 and under

  12. This outfit is HOT!! loving those shoes too! giving me hardcore Givenchy FW11 vibes

  13. CFMP "Come F*** Me Pumps" right? ;) LOL

    I love those shoes and that shirt, F21 has been stepping up their game lately with their blouses, I love it <3<3

  14. I totally guessed that CMFP thing, you r hilarious... I love the fact that you opted for a classic YSL when you could have picked a Louboutin (roll eyes), not saying there is anything wrong with Loubs of which I am a huge fan, but bandwagon jumpers, annoy me. LOL
    Great overall look by the way!

  15. THERE ARE THOSE YSLs I DIED OVER! you look amaze! love the color combo!

  16. haha love the intro! Yes, some pieces are worth investing in :) You are the bag lady :p

  17. Love the necklace and heels!

    xo Ashleigh

  18. You look great!

  19. i LOVE this look. this is one of my favs on you...very chic, yet relaxed. the accessories really make the outfit! great choice.



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