Thursday, November 3, 2011

all DRESSED up and nowhere to go

i got this really cool sweater dress at the Blogger Closet Raid this summer.
I really love how heavy it is and the weird fur-like sleeves.

Dress: Cheap Monday
Necklace: Thrifted...see it and my other jewelry in my Jewelry Haul YouTube Video
Lipstick: Sephora Brand
I'm actually quite used to going out on the town by myself. a few weeks ago I went to brunch at one of my favorite spots in Harlem Il Caffe Latte. I always get the same thing: Chai Tea Latte, Ham, Mushroom and Feta Omelet and a croissant with jam on the side.
It's so weird how people stare when you eat alone.
single people like brunch too! lol

Of course now its too cold to wear this now without opaque tights....ahhh how I wish Indian Summer we had just a few weeks ago (insert sad face here). Ohhh BTW American Apparel has the BEST opaque tights for winter and they really last..but I always buy 2 pair to get me through the winter!
what do you like to do alone?
I actually LOVE to SHOP by myself.
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  1. that dress is sick!

  2. oh la la j'adore, j'adore tes chaussures, elles sont superbes
    très jolie tenue

  3. I am so loving this look. Those sleeves are a nice touch and that necklace is hotness!!!!

    7eventh Letter

  4. That is the coolest sweater dress that I've ever seen. I love the furry sleeves. Super cute. Thanks for the tips on tights. I usually get a bunch from Forever but they SUCK. Lol!!

  5. Doing things alone never bothers me. I think it bothers other people since they may not be confident enough to do the same?

  6. wow most interesting dress I have ever seen, and I do things all the time alone.I agree with the comment above, ppl who are really confident in their selves dont need others around them all the time. Anyways coming on here to say hi.Come by my spot anytime

  7. Love the dress and the shoes are amazing!

  8. Great look, that dress looks so comfy! HAHA I love "single people like brunch too!". I love shopping alone, that way I can take as much time as I want :)

  9. Those sleeves just make the dress! Awesome! Love to shop alone and go to the movies alone! I usually stare back though and (if I'm at a restaurant) chew very slowly or ask them if they want some. That usually stops the stares hehehe

  10. Wow, lovely! I especially like the golden necklace and those heels! Dress is very interesting with those fluffy details :)))

  11. You look great! The outfit is amaizng and the sleeves are lovely!
    The high heels are awesome!!


  12. I always love like your face expressions Your HAPPINESS!

    Awesome shoes !

  13. wow what a dress. With sleeves like that, I feel like I belong in Lanvin's Fall 2010 line.

  14. I remember that dress! Looks fabulous ;)

  15. everything u wear is just wow...simple yet sophisicated...get `em girl!

  16. I like to see movies alone and shop alone. I'm a single gal and I never wait for anyone to do something fun with.

  17. LOVE! Those fuzzy sleeves peeking out from underneath are genius!



  18. really love this sweater, how cool are those sleeves? xoxo ty

  19. Ugh i've been obsessed with these shoes! Great outfit :)


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