Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my little secret

Sometimes I scour clothing websites and make baskets or save items..then i never actually buy them..
but its what I do when I'm in a spending freeze. its my little secret way to shop without shopping.
but if i win Mega Millions tonight...trust me...there will be empty baskets all over the internet!
Here are a few things i am currently "saving" lol

Come on Mega Millions! lol. Dont we all wish we could just win the lottery and buy the most amazing wardrobe on the planet??? I would wear this outfit exactly as is too. I love mixing the flower patterned skirt with the strong stripes on the bag.
do you ever go "window" shopping online too?


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  1. HAHAHA. OMG I thought I was the only one that did that. "internet screen shopping" is what I call it. lol. Those Old Navy sweaters are the best, I got them for 8 bucks each in every color during the black friday deals. I can't believe they really cost 30 bucks on the website o_O


  2. Hi my name is Cherokee and I too thought I was the only one that did that. How funny.

  3. Never really go website shopping. I like that striped bag.

  4. Hilarious! Girl, I window shop online ALL THE TIME!! Great Picks and Good Luck on the Mega Millions. LOL!

    7eventh Letter

  5. lol, And I wanted to buy a ticket today too! I heard that it's easier to win Sweet Millions (better odds). So I play that sometimes too! good luck! Chanel is patiently waiting for me!!

  6. Girl I do the SAME thing!!! LOL....


  7. Haha too funny! I think I'm gonna start doing that it'll keep me out of the stores. Go to old navy right now and go get yourself that sweater! They're crazy cheap!

  8. i thought i was the only one who did that! sometimes i go to some websites and it says "you have 6 items in your bag" and i'm like "how come?". its a guilty pleasure without the guilt.lol

  9. Well, being thrifty sure poses a challenge. Yup, wish I had all the money in the world to shop for cute booties like the one in your pic.

  10. Good idea, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Haha I do this aaaaaall the time. It's my coffee when I get sleepy and have time to browse the net. My saved items are literally me caffeine and wake me right up LOL


    Fashion Nostalgia

  12. I always do this!!! I'll visit so many online shopping sites and then never buy anything since I'm the typical, frugal college student. haha I like the items you have saved! :)

  13. Hahahahaha! You're not the only one dear.I do that all the time as well so I can keep track of the styles I'm liking and which ones I would be open to trying.

    Its also like therapy like you said and hey it works!

    p.s: Cute skirt!


  14. hahaha! I´m waitting for the lottery too, you´ve been featured on my blog, I hope you like it

  15. Trust me you are not alone!I do it a whole lot.Actually I do it so much!But most times I end upp not buying the items unless somebody heaven sent decides to drop buy and give me money.lol
    my taste buds get tickled sometimes with the thought of having some stuff i see when I am shopping online.lol


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