Saturday, January 21, 2012

i couldnt help myself

i am a sucker for a good necklace. i used to be all about earrings....then i cut my hair...and now im all about necklaces. i swear this is the 2nd one i bought this month. see the other one here.
i like that its simple yet modern.
it would be the perfect touch on a neon yellow top like this one from Old Navy.

Thanks H&M for my new necklace for less than $10 smackaroos...a fashion STEELE indeed!
Right now its snowing in New York City.
Thank goodness I got all my shopping done yesterday.
Here are a few awesome deals happening right now

Anne Taylor is having a sick 60% off of sale items (in-store).
I picked up 5 pairs of work pants and a dress for $100.
If you are still in the need of a winter coat
Lands End is having a sick sale.
I just got 2 down coats for $120 (thats with tax) and shipping is free!

Enjoy the Snow Day if you are in the North East.



  1. Awesome piece. H&M is awesome with the accessories. Thanks for the sale tips.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. that's a very nice piece, those necklaces are very popular by the way very trendy

  3. it!They really have great accessories at the smallest prices!

  4. That is TOO cute. I walked right pass Old Navy yesterday as I did my shopping as well .. I Saw the Anne Taylor sale as well as JC Penny (Mango) for 20% Off PLUS an additional 50% off. I might have to run to Old Navy real quick though


  5. great accessory !! oh i hope someday i will manage to visit new yor ♥

  6. Gorgeous just gave me D.I.Y idea :) x

  7. I LOVE it!

  8. Cute necklace. I am obsessed with necklaces more than earrings.

  9. Im a huge fan of necklaces too! I have an allergy to some earrings that are not hypo allergenic so while they look cute, they can be a real pain...
    love the look!


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