Friday, April 6, 2012

In these shoes?....I dont think so

I once met a man with a sense of adventure
He was dressed to thrill
Where ever he went he said
"Let's make love on a mountain top ....Under the stars, on a big hard rock"
I said, "In these shoes? I don't think so!"
-Kirtsy MacColl

So I took a trip to Century 21 last week. The one across from the World Trade Center in NYC.
I prefer that one to the new one uptown.
Anywho, I got there right as the doors opened and headed straight for the shoe section and these were the first pair I saw.
I needed a more formal sandal in my shoe collection and this one definitely fit the bill.
Super excited to wear these. I love how the heel looks.
They were a fashion STEELE at $70....originally $140.
In These Shoes? is one of my favorite songs at the moment!
Have a great Holiday Weekend!


  1. Fun song by Kirsty, and what great black shoes those are! Loved Century 21 when I lived in the city...looking forward to hitting it again when I move back in a couple months! Have a Happy Easter weekend! :)

  2. Gorgeous shoes-cool post:)

  3. they are super gorgeous!!!..xx
    now following!!:)


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