Monday, April 9, 2012

obsessed with bralets

It's official I have a full blown obsession with bralet tops.
I predict they will be a hit with midi skirts this summer.
They also give me the intense motivation to keep my tummy tight although I just ate half a pan of brownies....I will be hopping on my Wii Fit and doing some hoola hooping to get my abstract 4 pack!
Here is a look into my collection.
Here are a few bralets I'm lusting after

what do you think about bralet tops?
too much....not enough....(material). lol.


  1. Love it. I love crop tops myself so yes I need to get my tummy tight and right.

  2. I like it as long as the boobs aren't overpowering and the stomach is right and the belly button never shows.

  3. They all look fab on you! you have the perfect body for wearing them.. I myself know that I can't pull them off, but they are super cute.


  4. They are so lovely when done right! I love them with full and maxi skirts! I ned to get on some ab work so that I can look as good in them as you.

  5. Great post.. Btw just saw a glimpse of you on styled by June how cool!!!!

  6. Oooo, I love the bralets! looks neat

  7. beautiful post!^^ the bralet tops are great! they remind me of Rihanna so much!^^

  8. They're very flattering, comfortable if you get the right one fit for your body and so so chic!

  9. I love Bralet tops! I can only dream of them though! lls!


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