Monday, June 4, 2012

and she was called yellow

i almost threw these Mango beauties out or donate them but all of a sudden I had an urge to wear them. that tends to happen a lot. I pull items out of a bag of clothes I'm sure I want to donate on a weekly basis.
chalk it up to my indecisiveness or just really wanting to prolong the life of a piece in my wardrobe. i feel as soon as I give it away or sell it...I find the perfect occasion to wear it! does anyone else have this fashion conundrum?

Trousers: Mango get something similar here and here | Top: Forever 21 tee
Shoes: BCBGeneration (Old) get similar here and here | Sunnies: D&G | Bag: BCBGeneration
Ring: Mango

it was the same conundrum with these shoes. just when i thought I'd give them up...I all of a sudden was loving the snake print and pointy toe again. i cannot become a clothes hoarder though! i'm really trying to stick to selling or donating pieces i havent worn in a year or so...with exception of extra special peices like this dress I wore for new years. see this outfit in video on my

how do you deal with getting rid of old clothing?
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  1. love those pants and your hair is growing out nicely

  2. Beautiful!.. and those shoes!!! You look great!.

  3. I have the same indecisiveness when it comes to cleaning my closet. What helps is that I think of someone who love it more and actually wear it more than I have.

  4. I usually try to sell some pieces or donate the ones that don't sell. But before that, I really think if I can rework a piece and make it new and fresh.

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  6. I love the shoes, I know exactly what you mean! I hoard all the time :)

  7. Cute outfit, duh! lets get into this hair! you know I'm loving it right?!

  8. Woah this outfit is incredible. Those pants and shoes are together!


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