Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Bosses Show Teaser

Some of you may they that I've been shooting for a new show Blog Bosses! Well the teaser just came out today and I am anxious to see what you all think! Please check it out

Blog Boss: Fashion Edition Produced and Directed by Andre Garland from Beloved Moving Images on Vimeo.
Currently am sitting at home in a warm sweater and sheer stockings eating a bowl of spaghetti. I took a quick run home from Lincoln Center until my next show at 6pm tonight. It feels sooooo good to take my boots off lol. Stay tuned for show recaps later on this evening because I love fashion week but I love Olivia Pope as well and I will definitely be home in time for Scandal tonight!
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  1. Wow !!!! That's major I'm so proud of u doll follow your dreams ... U INSPIRE ME :)

  2. I am so ready to watch the show.... hope to be watching it soon.

  3. "Ash is the new black"....hilarious!

  4. Monroe....Monroe! This is fantastic! So excited for you and the big moves you're making gf!!! Keep up the momentum ;)


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