Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Lookbook Pt VI: Jersey Dresses

For Spring I want lots and lots of comfortable jersey material dresses and tops. I love jersey because it doesn't really wrinkle and is easy to pack. I also am really into wedges and pops of turquoise colors. I've stuck to my Spring color palette of Blues, Browns and Whites.
This is one of my favorite jersey dresses in an off-white color. Got this dress for less than $10 at Marshalls about 3 years ago!

Love these turquoise earrings! Got these at my favorite NYC accessory store Jewelry Plaza!!! only $3 Fashion STEELE!

This is one of my favorite thrifted purses. I love the leather woven braided details especially in the shoulder straps. This is also a longer strap bag which I think will be in for Spring!

 I love this combination. I can almost see myself on a nice sunny day, the warmth of the sun on my face, walking through the park,  in this exact outfit. I'm so ready for Spring I dont know what to do with myself. The Winter here in NYC is brutal this year! However I am super excited for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!!!!!!

Dress: Celebrity Pink
Wedges: Solestruck
Purse: Thrifted
Earring: Jewelry Plaza NYC



  1. I love those shoes and earrings!These are the simple yet elegant/classy looks I love.

    I'll keep an eye out for you at IFB, look for me also. I'd love to meet you =)

    xo Nubia

  2. Wonderful outfit, the wedges are so fab!! x

  3. Oh how much I love everything here, I've been looking something similar like that dress but with maxi length, I too cant wait for spring, we have bipolar weather here

  4. OMG Im in love with the shoes... Sometimes I wonder why am I not shorter!

  5. Sorry that I'm answering here lol, I use flickr as my photo source, and I just adjust the size on picnik, I dont usually crop my photos since flickr already adjust it to fit blogger, but if I need it, I use picnik
    Let me know if you have more questions

  6. omg ! those minty green shoes are soooo pretty !
    i've never seen shoes in that pretty shade of color :)

  7. I LOVE this look! Def great inspiration for the Spring.

  8. I love the look, it really reminds me of Spring.


  9. I love the entire look!! Especially the shoes! The color is amazing :)

  10. For a second I thought you had 2 pairs of those wedges, and I was going to say I want. haha but really those shoes are amazing and I need some just like them. Love your styling, really inspiring :)

  11. the dress is really nice! and I was so surprise to see the price:D
    and I am sure it also looks nice with those brown shoes :)

  12. The colour of those shoes is so beautiful! Really makes me want spring to come soon...

  13. That grecian-like dress is so divine. And the turqouise-toned heels makes the outfit so eye catching.
    (aka Squeeze The Pug)

  14. I am loving that gretian inspired cute!



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