Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Personal Style: Spring Lookbook Pt III

I'm loving crisp whites with detailing for Spring. In the last post I had a great white rose applique top from American Apparel. I also featured turquoise, tribal print, ivory and natural wood accesories. From accessories to clothing this will be a major staple in my Spring wardrobe. Here is another look from my personal Spring Style Lookbook.

The detailing on the blouse is amazing!
I would pair this top with some great cut off shorts and wedges for a great Spring/Summer look.

Torquoise will be one of my main color staples for Spring. Its a refreshing color yet and earth tone. Turquoise necklaces, and earrings are shown above. I wouldn't ever pair alike necklaces and earrings but wanted to show them individually. Got the necklace from Forever 21 last week for just $8!!!! Fashion STEELE!!!

I also wanted to feature this awesome necklace I got from Modern Tibet, all handmade jewelry. See more of this necklace here!!!!!!

What do you all think of my Spring 2011 trends so far????Am I on the right track???? What accessory trends do you think will be in the spotlight this Spring?



  1. That's a really fresh and light top for spring. Speaking of spring, I can't wait for it. :)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. That is a really beautiful white top!! I too cant wait for spring to come!! that top can even be worn during the summer!!

  3. that is such a great blouse! wow.

  4. I love an airy billowy blouse like yours. Great accessory pairing with it as well.

  5. Will def. be sporting some hats this summer! I'm thinking of going to the blogger conference. I've never been. How about you?

  6. I love your lookbook idea, I totally agree with you on the crisp clean white tops. I just pulled one out of my closet that was hiding and I love it!

  7. I love the top Ot´s amazing and You are right the detail of the blouse is wonderful!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  8. Looooove looove this blouse my darling!!! :D

  9. I adore that dreamy blouse so much. And the hand made jewellery to go with it is mind blowing.

  10. LOVE the pop of turquoise over the white! gorgeous top!


  11. that all looks so natural
    i love that blouse <3

  12. Beautiful pieces od jewelry and this blouse is amazing! xxx


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