Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hour Glass

I am a lover of maxi skirts and when I saw this gorgeous maxi at Valley Thrift Shop, I snatched it up along with another long maxi skirt and a gorgeous dress. The best thing about it is the hour glass figure it gives me!

Top: Forever 21 cami
Skirt: Thrifted at Valley Thrift Shop..see my other purchases a Green Maxi and Vintage Dress!!!!
Cardigan: Thrifted at No Relation Vintage NYC
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany Platform
Feather Earrings: Bought in Playa Del Carmen Mexico see more awesome earrings HERE!!!!!

I've noticed over the past few months I've gotten a little curvier..especially below the I aint complaining...thanks...I'm finally receiving my grown woman weight and I embrace it! Some people complain about how they look or want to change things. I don't think I'd ever get anything "done" although I certainly don't have any kinda problem with people who choose to. I love my gap toothed smile, the mole on my ankle and everything else. I wish I had less acne but thats about it. I'm happy with what God has given me...and the recent extra stuff too! Love Yourself!
Also I'm extra excited for all the things going on with the NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group. Some of us meetup last night and went to a great event at TOPSHOP Soho. Look out for a post soon.



  1. Not many people could pull off that skirt the way you do, my dear Monroe. It enhances your fabulous figure.
    Have a good time with in the blogger meet up.

  2. i love myself and i love your blog. Figure hugging maxi skirt....a lovely and lucky find

  3. Love your shoes!


  4. Best outfit yet! And I like your attitude.

  5. I'm all for embracing your womanly curves. It makes wearing great clothes all the more special when you accentuate your good points.
    Love the skirt, you are working it.

  6. WOW Im happy to hear about NYC blogger meet-ups because I'd love to come to one! You great as usual!!

    Editor & Chic

  7. Ur body looks amazing. Love how u pull of maxi skirts uberishly chic and effortless. And yes I would definitely love to join u guys on ur bloggers meet up. Looks like u guys had amazing time. Definitely keep us informed.

  8. Love your skirt!

  9. I <3 those platforms!!! I cannot wait until I get used to heels again! :::sighs wistfully:::

  10. this skirt totally shows off your figure! you look amazing!

  11. you look great
    visit us too
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling

  12. thanks!
    totally love the skirt and your shoes!!

    xx ali avenue

  13. nyc fashion bloggers meetup sounds like so much fun. too bad i don't live in nyc. love "grown woman weight" -- too funny. and that thrifted maxi skirt looks incredible on you. i'd love to get one myself.

  14. Love the skirt! Fits like a glove!!

  15. I have gotten a few fantastic floor length skirts from Valley Thrift Shop that I simply love they are perfect and floral. Yay embrace your curves I waited years for the ones I was give haha (I believe it was through my complaining, giggles)


    Fashion Nostalgia

  16. Embrace your lady figures!! Lady figures rock the house and yours looks great in that skirt. P.S.- I so wanted to go to topshop for that event, damn work! Can't wait to see your post on it!

  17. Si, si, siiii! Just lovely! I live for sea green - it's such a beautfil color. That and coral!

    hair .|. finance .|. womanhood

  18. Lovely! I really like your blog hun! Thanks for the support I have to catch up with have phenomenal style also! Blog roll add?? :-)


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