Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good News

Whoa...I'm such a bad little blogger. I havent posted since Wednesday. My world has been a world wind the past few days. So many awesome things are happening. For one, I was featured as Bombshell of the Day on the popular Fashion Bomb Daily Blog!!!! Wow I am still super excited about it. Check out my feature HERE!!!!!
It is a great honor as so many people read that blog. I've gotten a lot of feedback especially from Missae Frankz of Missae The Model. She left me some very inspiring and sweet words and really touched my heart. I really love this blog and all the people who like it too.

In other news...I went out last night and this is what I wore.

Dress: ASOS
Stocking: Sheer Luxe Cut Out Panty Hose American Apparel
Boots: Vera Wang...see them HERE and HERE!!!!

For those who don't know about these cut out sheer panty need to get up on these...atleast for the next fall/winter because they are awesome.
Okay so im very aware that they look kinda well raunchy but they work. I am not a fan of anything thats going to make my butt look smaller. I would like to either accentuate or just show what I got. So these are great to wear when wearing a tight bandage skirt...that usually will flatten your bottom. Other hosiery also has a way of squishing your butt. So I love these!
Get them HERE!!!
(Photo via American Apparel)

My photographer Samantha Olivieri has also gotten her own blog. Visit her at She is pretty awesome and also did a feature of me..Yay

Today I'm also hosting my very first NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group at The Living Room at the W Hotel in Times Square. Ahhhhhhhhh I super excited. Stay tuned for photos and join if you are an NYC area fashion blogger by clicking the link in the left sidebar!

I just want to thank all of those who continue to follow my blog and leave the sweetest comments. You all make my day! I leave you with a photo of a mural I took last night in the Lower East Side.

"Bad Pussies"



  1. I have no idea those AA stockings really make your butt better, I was wondering why on earth they make something ugly like that, but I guess there should be reasoning behind it.... I think I will check them out,
    Anyway, I really love your bodycon dress, it reminds me of something from BB Dakota, it
    s so pretty on you

  2. oh thanks..
    yes I know another too but I had the idea long time ago before I had a blog... but I didn't have the courage to do it :D

    xx ali avenue

  3. Congrats!!! You deserve it. You have great style!

  4. Lookging good and congrats! The stockings kinda look like the cheap suspender sex tights you can buy one ebay haha. But maybe they work.

  5. Congrats on being a fashion bomb ;-) I love the mustard top outfit. Your body fitting dress is beautiful.

  6. Congrats on the features and mentions! That dress is hot, but those stocking make me laugh. For a minute I thought you were going to say they were great when your bum needs to breath in the summer.
    Anyway, the dress is hot. Have fun at the meetup, can't wait to see pics of all the stylish bloggers.

  7. congrats on the feature, loving the dress, and i kinda want those tights...

  8. congrats dear :=)
    nice dress from ASOS!!

  9. Congrats, hun :-)
    I love the dress, I want it!

  10. I saw that. Congrats on the feature !

  11. Congrats on the feature!! That dress is hot. Love it! Have fun at the meetup


  12. Congrats on the feature! How exciting :) The black and white dress is kinda hot!!! Soo sorry won't be able to make the bloggers meet. Hope it went well!

  13. I am not suprised at all, my dear Monroe. You deserve all the recognitions of the world.
    Loving you, and wishing I could meet up with all of you in magic N. York.

  14. congrats!!! you look soo gorgeous! :)

  15. The raunchier the better.
    Congrats on being famous!!! There is reason -- You are effing gorgeous, and your style is to.die.for.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. ohh my god i love the print on the dress :) its perfeectttt

    You have such a nice blog, ill definitely be checking it again.


  17. LOL, you are too sweet. You definitely deserve all your features you've got great style. I can't wait for our blogger clothing swap I hope I still have clothes to swap (spring cleaning happened for me already aahh!)



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