Friday, July 15, 2011

mellow yellow

Pants: Mango
Shoes: Steve Madden Grettta
Necklace: c/o Micky London
Lipstick: Sephora

Mango just had their summer sale and I'm so excited I scored these yellow pants. I have been wanting a pair of yellow pants to round out my pants collection. These were a fashion STEELE at $28 dollars!
A few weeks ago I visited the Micky London showroom and it was amazing! I got to see their stunning collection of scarfs and jewelry and took home this lovely necklace.
I'd been needing one this color and I love that it has a choker feel to it as well.

Have you all hit up any summer sales?
Zara has a killer one going on as well so does Top Shop...check them out online too.


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  1. Love those pants. I've been wanting that jumper forever but too cheap to buy it.

  2. love the micky london necklace and the aa top! you're stylin' on 'em girl! have a good wknd :-)


  3. Great outfit. Loving it all.

    Miss Bias

  4. Yellow maybe isn't my fav color but these pants are great. I have these in blue.
    But the yellow of the pants and blue necklace. Love the combination.

  5. Awesome shirt!! And the shoes are gorg!!

    -Cherrie <3

  6. this outfit is just perfection...I didn't know yellow and white could be do HAwt together!

  7. I like this blouse from AA so much it's too precious; and it looks good on you too

  8. oh my god, I love the top! there was a similar one in Zara, it was a dress maybe, I don't know why I didn't buy it!

  9. love those shoes and that top! totally cute :)


  10. Wow this outfit is amazing! I love all the colors and textures. I can't believe that shirt is American Apparel - I totally would've thought it was designer.

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  11. Love the color of the pants and that pretty necklace.

  12. Yes to the yellow pants!! And great necklace :)
    I've been ODing on the Asos summer sale!

  13. Love your blog. Love your style. From a NY blogger to another one, I have to say that you never disappoints.keep up the good work.


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