Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday was super busy for me but the awesome part of my day is that I got to shop! I headed down to Union Square Market then popped into Sephora to buy some new lipsticks.
 I then attended a party for my friend Stephanie who is running for Miss America!

I picked up 2 new lipsticks, 2 eye pencils and some new makeup. Being in the hot summer sun I've acquired a deeper shade of brown and needed a new makeup to accomodate my lovely sun kissed skin.

This is one of my favorite books stores and I've seen more celebrities in this bookstore than anywhere else in the city. I saw a huge model and a huge designer there in the same day and time.

This burger place on Broadway "The Burger House" was giving out free samples of burger. OMG I came back here after shopping and had the best cheeseburger I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! I mean it was so freaking delicious I went and talked to the They've only been open for 3 weeks but the food is AMAZING! Just what I needed after a day of shopping.
When I shop I usually have a certain path I take. I go to Union Square and then walk down Broadway stopping at various stores such as Zara, H&M and TOPSHOP. This is a view down Broadway.

 Walked right into a street fair! I love New York!
Ofcourse I had to check out TopShops sale

Guess which dress I got????

My friend Stephanie running for Miss America.

My friend Alicia...looking fabulous at the party!

Hope all of you had an awesome weekend! I also want to say Hiiiii to all my new followers. Thanks for reading. Once I reach 500 I have an AWESOME giveway coming.

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  1. Did you buy both dresses??? LOL.

  2. FUNNY! I was at the street fair yesterday lol

  3. How cool!! I'm guessing you bought the second dress! :)

  4. Lovely pictures of around town! Glad you had fun :)

    Adiya (formerly the corner shop)

  5. I love your pictures and both dresses are absolutely gorgeous but my fav is the second one for sure!!!!

    Thx for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Let me know.

    <3 Marina

  6. I used to love the farmers markets in Union Square! That's my old stomping grounds!! I used to go to Baruch before I transferred to Binghamton so I was always around Union Square.

    Lovin' that second dress! But for some reason I think that first dress is fits your style better! I think you got them both:)

  7. I love the first Topshop dress.

  8. How I miss NYC!! I love the first dress, and good luck to your friend for the pagaent.

  9. I'm guessing the first dress? Love the fringe!

  10. I love the second dress, the first one is just ok. both of the dress is simple.

  11. So jealous of your shopping day haha. That white dress is too cute. Your pictures look awesome :-) Yay for your friend she looks like someone tough to beat!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  12. Oh I like the jeweled dress very chic, even arabian chic if you will. But the fringe boho look is pretty cool too. I Want to see which you chose!?! Both?!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  13. That fringe dress is killer.

    I've got a raw crystal necklace giveaway on the ol' bloggo.
    strawberry freckleface

  14. yes, please tell alicia that her dress was cute buT I thought her hair was FLYYYYY!!!


    saw this and immediately thought of u


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