Thursday, July 14, 2011

Micky London

A few weeks ago I got to visit the Micky London Showroom. The Spirit of Micky London...The line is the brainchild of the ultra-stylish brother and sister duo, Kabir and Abba Manchanda, who grew up in the world of fashion. I actually got to meet Abba and she is such a doll.
Micky London has collections of scarfs, scarfs combined with necklaces as well as jewelry. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Here are some of my favorite scarfs.

I even got to pick out a piece and chose a lovely blue stone choker. I can't wait to wear it! I have actually been on the lookout for a blue necklace and this one fits the bill.
Check them out at
They also have a FB Page HERE where they often update with photos of new products.
I'm coveting the scarfs since I am already planning my outfits for fashion week in February lol.

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  1. wow these goodies are fantastic!!!!

  2. That gold and black scarf is divine! I'm drooling a little...

  3. Replies
    1. I'm glad you guys love our stuff. Our website is now live, please do visit our website to see what we have. I'm sure you'll love our stuff.

  4. Nice pictures, lovely necklaces and bracelets! x

  5. ahhh this place is amazing! Next time I am in Lndn town Im visiting!

  6. I love that place, and the first mannequin really did it for me, love the visual representation. =]

    Kimberly, FWB

  7. Those bracelets are to die for and the scarves are so pretty.

  8. I'm loving that 4th scarf!!! Love the colors and the beads!! And way to tease! Where's the necklace you picked out miss!!

  9. wow, such a great opportunity!

    XO Sahra

  10. This place is totally amazing! Nice pictures, lovely necklaces and bracelets!


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