Monday, December 12, 2011

the weekend

This past weekend I took a little trip to Washington DC to hang out with a friend for her birthday.
It's a quick train or bus ride from New York City.
It was nice to get out of the city for a few days and discover DC.
They have some really great Thrift Shops as well.
Check out my weekend in photos.

The weekend started with my office holiday party aboard the Spirit of New York. It was really fun. I got my Cha Cha slide on too! Then I headed the train to DC for the weekend and did a little sight seeing and attended a very fun birthday party!
Overall it was an awesome weekend complete with a 3 piece wing dinner from Bojangles. They don't have a Bojangles in New York and I was cravvvvvvvving it!

I'm looking forward to a few holiday parties next weekend as well.
Check back for an outfit post tomorrow!



  1. Ahh DC! I went to college out there...I miss it so much! Glad you had fun!


  2. sounds fun! being from the dmv area, i love visiting DC. so fun :-) stripper pole huh??..LOL


  3. sounds like you had a fun weekend. You seem to have an exciting life.

  4. Stripper pole & back cleavage...I can dig it!

  5. Great pictures,hon!You had a really great weekend!

  6. I see you have been taken lots of lovely pics.

  7. SOOOOOOO MAD AT YOU! lol. I live in DC and didnt know you were here.... sigh....

  8. Wow that looks extraordinary. Sometimes its nice to get away from nyc. I know what you mean.


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