Tuesday, March 27, 2012

retro swimsuit Marc Jacobs

it's not anywhere near swimsuit season yet but with my trip to Barcelona
coming up in May, I couldn't help but search
for the perfect swimsuit.
i've always wanted a retro style swimsuit
and thanks to Marc Jacobs now I have one.

I love it!  The high waisted belted shorts are super cute and so is the top!
Can't wait to rock this at the beach!
This was a fashion STEELE clocking in at $80 from Loehmanns!
I also spotted it at Century 21 as well.

What do you think of the retro style swim suits?
 I'm really digging the retro style looks with a modern twist such as this one and also one pieces as well. H&M currently has the cutest one pieces for less than $25.

If you are looking for some great swimsuits check this one, this one and this retro one out.


  1. Love the retro look. I would totally rock this outfit... beautiful

  2. oh how cute! i love it!
    i love the new high wasted swimsuit trend


  3. luv all things retro this is gonna look amazing on u

  4. So weird...I was just thinking how I need a retro bathing suit. I'm tired of the same bikini and one piece look. Retro is so stylish. This print is purrty.

  5. I LOVE retro style swimsuits! They never go out of style and they always make a woman look extra sexy!

  6. There is no doubt that its a beauty of beach.

    bikini swimwear


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