Monday, March 12, 2012

overalls..aint just for the country

being a southern girl at heart I am very fond of overalls.
i used to have so many pairs but of course they went out of style and I some how lost them all.
but now they are back and better than ever.
you can take the girl out of the south...but you can't take the south out of the girl.
here's to overalls...City Style.

Overalls: H&M | Heels: Nine West | Top: Ali & Ro | Ring: H&M
picked up these overall from H&M last week for $39...a fashion STEELE indeed.
im sure to be wearing them through the spring..even perhaps with the top flipped downward and a vintage belt. run now..they also have the shorts version of these overalls at H&M.
i feel like raking some leaves up or something...ahhh the lovely nostalgia of past southern experiences.
i could go for some sweet tea too....
If you are looking for similar heels...check out these
Left to Right:


  1. Hey lady! I have that ring too:) But seems like I'll be needing those shoes! Cute! Hope you're well!

  2. Love how you make things look so chic when its totally unexpected! Youre amazeballs.


  3. I rather like this, I wasn't sure about the overalls but I like chic tailoring and how you classed it up but still keeping it easy!

  4. I love this look. pants are cute!

  5. You look so good in htem, but you always look good on anything.

  6. Monroe, those are so dope. I like the details in the front and the way the back is, very modern and not country at all. The styling of it is spot on.

  7. Love this post!! You're bringin em back girl! And from one southern girl to the other..I TOTALLY FEEL U!

  8. You look so sweet and fresh. Really like it.
    You're glowing like you were just feel in love ;)

  9. only you can rock something like this and make it look this good! i love it!!


  10. Very cute, love the sandals you paired it with!

  11. I love this look on you! You wear it well!


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