Thursday, October 25, 2012

ox blood leather skirt

it seems that everything i've wanted wardrobe wise has magically appeared! i had been craving a white leather pencil skirt and this one popped up at Brooklyn Flea. then i wanted an ox blood leather pencil skirt and i found this baby at Nordstroms Rack. it wasn't on sale and I suspect it never will be but knew it would be a wardrobe staple and the fact that it was less that is was less than $100 didn't hurt either.
There....i've officially gotten everything I wanted off my Fall wish list!

Denim Top: H&M Mens Dept | Skirt: Blanc Noir via Nordstroms Rack | Shoes: Alexander Wang
Baggette: Thrifted | Ring: Urban Outfitters

ohhhh ox blood. from what im hearing is that its the new black. that may be so but i think
 black is the new black. what i like about this dark, rich, mysterious color is that it can almost be a neutral. i paired it with denim but it could easily work with white, black or even another red toned top. have you ever reached a point where you don't want anything clothing wise? this usually happens to me after i go on a spending spree. i look in my closet and done. and i literally dont shop for months. i am in that stage right now. there is nothing that i really really want. i think the next thing i buy will be a Macbook Pro and im getting that for myself for Christmas. i guess its a good thing im feeling this way...i can finally start saving!
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Photography by Tiona D.


  1. That skirt is amazing and I can't believe it was under 100.00!!


  2. Effortless !!!! Still swooning over those heels

  3. you look adorable and that skirt is fabulous. i've always been a huge fan of leather :)


  4. gorgeous honey wow this look is beautiful I love the skirt and the heels to die for!

  5. That skirt is fabulous. What an amazing color.


  6. love the skirt and the heels! Great look missy!

  7. Very good buy especially because it's a classic piece.

  8. Go girl, happy to see those wangs on your feet!! Love those shoes!

  9. Simple but oh so chic,great skirt.

  10. Cant tell you how much I love this look...from the leather the Alexander Wang shoes...Gorge!!!


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