Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Post

Hi everyone. So this is my first post and I'm a little nervous. I have always dreamed of blogging and look...I'm doing it, although probably not all that well. This blog will chronicle my shopping experiences in NYC. I have great tips on whats "Kind of a Big Deal" this Fall/Winter season as well as where you NYCers can score some great items. So by all means....follow me! Over and Out,
XOXO~Monroe Steele


  1. hiya!fab start!im starting a blog myself and am a bit stuck on the first post so am looking 4 inspiration. do u want me to include a link to you?

  2. I've been seeing all you blog! I tried to read all, but my poor english said "no way"! kkkk

    In Short, I loved your style! Congrats! Since now your blog is between my favorites blogs!


  3. Wow, you've come so far!! Congratulations on your success!!


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