Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tough Teacup

Skirt: Zeta Kamiru
Blazer: Vintage Gucci
Bustier: ASOS see it worn differently HERE!!!
Shoes: BCBGeneration

So I broke out this awesome skirt I got a the Style Fusion Runway Show by Styleta. It reminds me of a teacup how full it is. It's actually a little too pretty for my taste so I had to toughen it up a little with this bustier top from ASOS. I really love the print and the shine of the skirt. I've been wearing tons of skirts lately. Check out more of my skirts here, here and here!!!!!

So..I'm getting super tired of shaving my legs every few days and it's not even summer yet. I've heard about laser hair removal but I'm skeptic. I also heard that it isn't as good for African American skin.

Does anyone have any info on laser hair removal???

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Thanks in advance!

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  1. Skirts are amazing, love your bustier. I am definitely into hair removal and many other laser- like treatments!

    dearest,Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Great look, honey!Love everything about it!That skirt is very unique!xoxo

  3. Awww this is so pretty! Loves it!


  4. I think this outfit is soo cute. You are so funny and right about shaving the legs. I love that corset.

  5. Lovely outfit. Looks brunch perfect.

  6. Gorgeous skirt! Love the muted colors and pattern. Looks like a Monet! As for laser hair removal, I have a few friends that do it so I don't think it's bad for darker skin tones. It's all a matter of skin type I think. I'd have a tiny sample done first to see how you react if you have sensitive skin.

  7. I think the beautiful yet unexpected cut of your blazer really makes this outfit. And that skirt looks like one of those elusive ones that can be dressed up or down equally easily.

  8. there are different types of lasers and one works best for darker skin, ask your dermatologist, I'm thinking about it too!

  9. You look soooooooooo beautiful, Monroe.

  10. The colour and patterns of this skirt is beautiful on you and I love how you edged up the look with the bustier. I hear you about having legs- I'm thinking of waxing and eventually getting laser hair removal when I have the $!

  11. Thanks everyone for all the advice! Please bear with me with responding to comments on your computer is still broken but will hopefully be fixed by the weeks blogging from my work computer O_o and cell phone.


  12. I love this skirt. Wish it was mine. I love how you styled it.


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