Saturday, May 7, 2011

Neck Envy

It's funny because I never used to wear necklaces. But not that my hair is shorter I opt to wear bold necklaces in the place of earrings. I have had a new found love for statement necklaces over the past six months. The collection just keeps growing and growing. The above necklace I just got a few days ago at Aldo Shoes. When I saw it I almost died. I had to have it. A white necklace has been on my wish list for the longest and at $25 was a fashion STEELE and totally worth it!
Check out more of my statement necklaces below.
I get tons of compliments anytime I wear this Modern Tibet necklace I picked up at the Christmas Market at Union Square in December. I think it cost $35..I can't remember.

Picked this necklace up recently during the Thrift and the City shopping tour for $8 fashion STEELE! See it worn HERE!

I swapped this necklace at my Shop and Swap event. It even helped me win best dressed at a fashion show HERE and I won a DKNY watch! 

Picked up this lovely Mango necklace at the Mango & Marie Claire Night of Style.
See it worn with my Mango maxi skirt HERE!

I love wearing this with a more sophisticated look. I got this necklace at Housing Works Thrift Shop for $ STEELE! See it worn HERE!!!!

This is the DIY statment necklace I made with items from Michaels. Love it!

I also got this lovely capsule Diesel Necklace from Housing Works Thrift Shop.

Got this stunning necklace at the store in the W Hotel at Fashion Night at the W Hotel.
 This was the most expensive necklace. I think it cost $50 and it was on sale.

I also got this necklace for $5 during the Thrift and the City shopping tour.

This is one of my favorite rocker chic necklaces that I got from Forever 21 a few years ago.

There is something about this black stone that I love. It makes any outfit instantly glam. This was only $1 at Goodwill.

So are you all into statment necklaces and whats your favorite of mine??
 It's enough to give a girl neck envy right lol.

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  1. i love bold necklaces.. but im extremely busty and they just make me appear larger than i am..

  2. I am sooo in love with that Swap and Shop necklace! I need to look for something similar. I am so surprised someone would want to swap it! I'd never let that thing leave my neck!!

  3. Awesome pieces I didn't even notice bought that necklace at our first meetup haha stealthy. Last summer I was all about the necklaces they add so much to a look.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  4. These are some intense neckpieces!

    In love with 2 and 4!

  5. i adore statement necklaces,bolder the's a kind of professional deformation (i'm freelance jewelry designer)!:D and all your necklaces are absolutely gorgeous,perfect!!!:)))

  6. It's amazing how bold statement pieces like these can completely change your look. You could wear a different one each day with a different top and completely change the look. I love looking at all of them -totally inspiring.

    Style Defined NYC

  7. I love your taste on yewellery, Monroe, ahhhhhhhhhh I want them all.
    Thank you for your mother´s day wishes.

  8. My favourite is definitely the metallic sharp bullet looking one! :) also, feel free to enter my Dior giveaway xx

  9. Awesome pieces ! You have really good taste ;)


  10. i so love ur favourite rocker chic one!

  11. I LOVE the capsule necklace and the modern Tibet one- they are all so beautiful! Off to vote for you :)

  12. Oh, I love all the necklaces here! Following for sure! Great blog! ;)

  13. So much interesting necklaces, but I especially love the one on the 11th picture - it's so Egyptian! :D
    Following you! ;)

  14. Great pieces but the red Mango necklace is my fave. Perfect summer necklace.

  15. The Aldo necklace is quite the statement, I like all your jewels.

  16. You have an amazing collection. can you say neck porn??? I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!


  17. OHHH!!! Now I'm envious! What awesome pieces you have!!! WOW-ZERS!

  18. All of those necklaces are amazing!! I can't believe you got such great deals at housing works-- I especially love the silver ball piece!

  19. What a superrrific collection of statement making necklaces.

  20. OMG! Necklace porn exists!!!!


  21. These are all so stunning! I love the second one. So bold but in a color that goes with everything.



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