Monday, May 16, 2011

My Inner Nerd

Jacket: Kenneth Cole via Loehmanns
Top and Shorts: BCBGeneration via Nordstrom's Rack
Shoes: DVF via Nordstrom's Rack
Sunglasses: Swapped at my Shop & Swap

The color of this jacket is what attracted me to it. I knew it'd be a smart buy...this baby will last forever and never go out of style. I got to wear my new nerdy glasses today. A lot of people have been wearing these lately. Hey..I'm pretty smart without these glasses though haha.
 I got my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at 25. Wrote for my college newspaper (features), a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (Skee-Wee), and never had an average below 3.4. I must say I am pretty smart but don't want to toot my own horn.
The problem I have is money...I spend it on shoes but justify it buy doing a lot of Thrift shopping.
I have made a conscious decision to buy smarter, which for me means:
1). No impluse buys, I have to want it for atleast a month
2). Only spending what I Credit Card purchases
3). Only buying things with great quality that I know will last and that I'd wear atleast 3x monthly.

It's seems I have revamped my entire wardrobe in just one year.
Now I have to have another swap to rid myself of the "leftovers"...September it will be!
P.S. I'm blogging from my phone because my computer wont start!!!!! Yikes. Hope Geek Squad can fix it.
Also I had a great birthday. Pictures to come soon and thanks again for all the wishes. Sorry to my regulars that I usually check and comment on...wont get my comp back for 3-5days but im still reading them..on my phone..haha.

Are you a smart shopper?

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  1. Cute jacket. Yep I used to buy whatever was cute and cheap, now I'm into quality vs. quantity. I have gotten rid of things that haven't been worn in a full year and only have things that I adore. When I'm shopping I only purchase things that can create multiple looks and last through trends. If I do a trendy piece, it's from stores like H&M and Forever 21 for cheap.

  2. Wow...beautiful jacket!The color is amazing!And those wedges...Love this look!xoxo

  3. Nope, not a smart shopper at all. Except for when it comes to finding what I want on sale or somehow getting a discount on it. I've given up and I may be homeless soon but at least I'll look fabulous hehehehe. Loving the color of that jacket!!

  4. Super cute jacket! The color is definitely attractive! Nice post.

    Ashley Erica xo

  5. i love the bright pink jacket! and the glasses are cute too. i totally agree with your spending habits, i'm the same. i have a serious shoe addiction, but i love thrift shopping too! been clearing out my closet as well :)

    Beneath the Glass

  6. Very cute jacket and love the wedges!!!


  7. WOW Very smart! I wanted to continue my schooling with a masters in construction management. But I needed real working experience in the construction field and let me tell you they do not welcome you with open arms in the tristate area :-(

    You look great. Sorry to hear about your Laptop. I am completely compulsive! It runs in my genes to act before evaluating . I like to say I don't like to over think things and am a free spirit haha.

    -Fashion Nostalgia

  8. That jacket is so cute!

    I am currently on spending freeze and trying to stop spending so much myself.

  9. yesyesyes! that jacket is FANTASTIC!

  10. i love this color from your jacket,these shoes are nice tooo xoxo

  11. You look great. So not nerdy still lol


  12. I used to be a horrible impulse shopper that just purchased whatever I could because it was cute or on sale or blah blah. But now I have to really want something in order to buy it and it has to be on sale. I feel like if you are not rich or wealthy in this economy you have to be smart about your money!! p.s. It's cool to see that there is a another Greek fashion blogger out there ;)

  13. simple & cute!


  14. Cute jacket! And congrats on being super smart! You go girl!! :)

  15. So lovely! great shoes and jacket!!

  16. Good colour on you, Monroe.

  17. very very nice jacket! your outfits are always perfect!! ;D
    have a nice day,

  18. Beautiful shoes and blazer! I waaaant that color!!! :)))

  19. YESSSS THE GLASSES ARE BANGING!!! love the nerd look!


  20. Those glasses look adorable on you. That jacket is amazing. Love the color! Of course, I'm digging the wedges. Happy Belated Birthday!!


  21. i absolutely love your outfit, but i am in love with that vintage lace dress you wore on your 25th birthday!

  22. Thanks everyone for all the super sweet comments!


  23. Nice outfit! I LIKE THE COLOR BLOCK TOUCH'


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