Friday, September 30, 2011

crazy bag lady

i am a total bag lady especially since discovering
This site is the boutique of all boutiques online.
it's a pretty awesome concept where all the worlds hottest most exclusive boutiques sell on
you can image how many hours I spent perusing the site looking for shoulder bags.
Here are a few lovelies im currently lusting after.
Alexander Wang Deigo Bag my dream bag in life! Would definitely need to save up for this bad boy but have been seeing it everywhere from top bloggers to chic ladies on every New York City Street!  See by Chloe Nylon bag a fashion STEELE at $105 and perfect for rainy days!
See by Chloe Bucket bag and Alexander Wang Ryan Ombre Bag...another one on my
 "Wish I made more money" list.
The bag collection on is INSANE  and they have a great selection of Chloe bags but they also sell everything from clothes to housing knick knacks (which is sure to occupy most of your lunch hour on the internet). But of course the bags and the sale section is what caught my eye.
I find most of my designer deals online in the sale section and this is the time of year when everyone is trying to get rid of their summer inventory. Take NOTE! This is when you should start creating your look for the next summer season! atleast thats what I
Here are some of my favs from sales section.
A bold printed dress will never go out of style.
I am inlove with these adorbs cargo printed shorts!
All of the above items are less than $100 dollars...with these awesome pants come in at just $38 on! So even though it's getting cold don't forget about all the amazing discounts you can find online for HOT summer staples that won't go out of style.
whats your favorite place online to score designer deals?
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  1. Those cargo pants are love.
    I'm not much of an online shopper. My clothing and foot size varies so I rather try things on at actual stores.

  2. always a fan of anything a. wang, and I have shorts just like those!

    XO Sahra

  3. Ahh cool thx for sharing, I will take a look,have a happy weekend xoxo

  4. I like those floral cargo shorts. Maybe Ill buy.

  5. ooh i love that site! great place to find anything! Those bags are definitely all great! :)

    Beneath the Glass

  6. All great choices! I buy mostly accessories online, I am addicted to Marshalls and TJMAXX fof designer deals for clothes, shoes. Online, I like Bloomingdale's and bought a Longchamp bag and Juicy necklace from there.

  7. Oh my that Diego bag is AMAZING!!! Loving that printed dress with the sweetheart neckline as well. I've been stalking items on for a minute. I too love that site.

  8. love the nude dress and the bucket bag..i heart that store!!!

  9. I love those shorts with the flowers!! and gahh bags, yes please!! :) x

  10. I love the bags and those shorts are so cute!

  11. That looks absolutely fabulous! I would say I am impressed with the article. Thanks a lot.
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