Wednesday, September 21, 2011

give Fall the BOOT!

For some reason I am now obsessed with booties. They are a Fall MUST-HAVE!
So glad I found these burgundy ones too because I'm so into this color for Fall.

Burgandy: Via Spiga, Nude and Black Thigh Highs: Pelle Moda
I love Fall...but I HATE WINTER.Ugh all those clothes. All that snow and cold wind, and having to sleep under a huge comforter...make me..well.... UNcomfortable.
I will be pairing these with skinny jeans and a boyfriend cardigan or dresses with opaque tights.
Can't believe its tight wearing season.
Goodbye Summer...till next year.

What is your Fall must-have?



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  2. Sorry I had a typo :D

    My fall piece is definitely an oversized cable knit sweater! I know, I know: they're super trendy but I can't help it! You can find them in the most gorgeous hues and pair them with anything

  3. YAY for new booties!!! I can't wait to see this outfitted.


  4. Fall is my FAVORITE season of all, but I live in Florida now, so seasons don't exist. I wanna find me a FLY pair of knee boots for our few little cold days we have here but its so hard for me to invest in a good pair.

    7eventh Letter

  5. Great picks. You can never go wrong with an amazing pair of booties. I have been adding to my collection for the past years. I can't wait until it cools down more in my town. ... xoxo

  6. I really love your burgundy booties! I have been stalking a pair of maroon at the Off Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet since last winter.

    Goodwill Huntingg

  7. oh love them, I'm also a little obsessed with booties this season.

  8. i love booties too!

    ...and i also hate winter!!!

  9. Definitely boots.
    Love Yours. You have the best taste on shoes, Monroe.

  10. Love all the boots, hot!
    At this point I just want more boots as well. Done with the clothing and coats.

  11. **all the boots are so hotttt!!**


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