Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Week Day 6

This was really the official last day of fashion week for me.
I could only take so many days off before I had to get back to work! Gotta pay for these shoes lol.
Anywho, on this day I attended the Tibi Spring 2012 collection.
I was super looking forward to it because of the dress I wore on Day 5..hehe.
This collection was more laid back.
This is what I wore....

This collection was classic and clean. A no fuss kind of collection. I like it. There were lots of very straight up and down ankle lenth dresses with slits in lovely colors. Very wearable and loving the black, white and green prints!

 Here are some behind photos from back stage after the show

Check out this quick video of the Tibi Closing as well as some back stage action after the show with actress Sophia Bush and the designer Amy Smilovic speaking about the collection.



  1. You look great. I need those shoes in black! Yay I spot Elin Kling!! I really love this collection it's perfection.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Those shoes are perfect with that dress. I keep eyeing the black pair at work... You make me feel like I have to have them.Lol!!! ;)

  3. It's been such a pleasure to read these posts, I am sure like you, I don't want them to end! What a great fashion week!!

  4. Definitely my favorite look! You look fab

  5. My dear Monroe, you always wear the best shoes and yewellery.
    Have a grand weekend, my dear friend.

  6. Those shoes are amaze!! Looking good girl. Love your NYFW updates. Thanks for keeping us informed Miss Monroe


  7. Great outfit! Love your necklace and great pics!

    Just Like a True Star

  8. Great coverage! I basically relied on your blog for all the nyfw scoop :)

  9. You look fantastic, color of this dress is amazing, and your shoes are to die for.

  10. LOVING the color and simple style of that dress!

  11. I just wanted to say thank you for the coverage of NYFW. I loved coming by and checking out what you were up to day by day. I loved all the loot you got as well.

    Take Care Sweetie

    Lisa x


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