Sunday, June 19, 2011

Philly and NYC Blogger Meetup Picnic

Yesterday I attended and awesome picnic at McCarren Park in Brooklyn.
There were bloggers there from Philly as well as NYC.
Veronica of Tick Tock Vintage was one of the organizers of this picnic and she was so sweet and nice.
It was fun to meet with bloggers, network and talk about upcoming events. I also finally got to meet one of my favorite bloggers.

Super stoked I got to meet Natalie of Natalie Off Duty. She was super nice and we both got a little tipsy off the delicious punch they had at the picnic lol.

 Nubia of Nubia's Nonsense and I apparently having a deep conversation...though I think it was about what we wanted to eat later lol.

These instagram photos are courtesy of Vanessa from 24 Blogazine. Check it out its pretty awesome. Clearly I need to upgrade my life again to a newer phone...perhaps an iphone so I can have all these cool photo taking gadgets as well. My Verizon Ally...that I just bought is already giving me hell. It doesn't regonize my SD. It wont let me take photos. The internet is too slow. It dies after 10 hours. Ugh..but back to the picnic....
 There was a fun little booth set up to take photos with different props such as hats and nerdy glasses.

 Here is that delish punch I was telling you about.

Doesn't this outfit look
Told you this will be my summer outfit.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
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  1. lol, you did warn us about the outfit but it is a pretty cool summer outfit. loving the picnic pics...

  2. Cool! Looks liek fun. That's ok if you're wearing the same outfit, it looks cute!!
    Natalie Off Duty! I have visited her blog many times. isn't she's gorgeous.

    btw, That's the neighborhood I grew up in! I went to PS 132 not too far from that park.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I wish that there was a fashion bloggers group where I live. ... And I still can't get over those shoes!!

  4. Love these photos, so summery and pretty! You look gorgeous!!

  5. LOVE your shoes! sad I missed this :(

    XO Sahra

  6. This looks like so much fun! You all are such a chic group! :)


  7. looks like so much fun !! im definitely lounging on the park this weekend :)

    stop by sometime<3

  8. This looks like the perfect blogger meet-up, I am in love with the idea! Your turquoise wedges are phenomenal and I love the photobooth idea!

  9. your top is super gorgeous! love the detail!

  10. this looks so much fun, wish I was on the east coast... love the photos, lovely post :)

    <3 Alison

  11. Looks like so much fun! Love ur outfit :)

  12. You are all so lovely. I want, want your blue shoes, MOnroe.

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  14. you are all so stylish:)thank you for stopping by my blog, I am now following you:)

  15. haha...I'd be pretty much tipsy on that punch too :) The outfit works so wear it away :)

  16. Great party.
    The color of your shoes stole ma heart.

  17. Another event I missed out on cuz of work. Damn it. It looked super fun and I would've loved to have tried that yummy punch you guys were having. Adore thy torquoise wedges.

    See you 2night on the LES, not sure I can make the it.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

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  19. Nice pics!
    Thanks for your cute comment!

  20. You have so beautiful shoes! And... smile!:P

  21. Thank you:)
    super cute pics. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

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    follow me

  22. That's pretty cool!

    And your outfit is super cute!

  23. Very cool I keep missing events :-( day job, blah.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  24. Gosh I am so in love with those teal shoes of yours. Great event, everyone is so fashionable! Love it!

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