Monday, June 20, 2011


Dress: American Apparel
Jean Jacket: H&M
Sneakers: Converse see them HERE along with some of my favorite things!

Yes...I know what you are thinking...I DO OWN SNEAKERS lol. But only 3 pair (two pair of high top chucks and one pair of steve madden patent leather high tops).
When I first moved to New York in 2006 I noticed how many people wore chucks. Down south it's not as big. These were actually my first pair of chucks and I live in them only in the hottest of the summer time. Other than that they are carefully stored in the box they came in.
They are so fun, colorful and funky thus can be paired with just about anything. Enters..another summer staple of super tight American Apparel Dress. I have this dress in 3 colors. Its perfect for hot summer days...or just when you want to look hot :-)
 No man can resist the extra tight dress.

For some reason I hate all other sneakers. Especially low top sneakers. Mainly because I have HUGE FEET. So low tops make my feet look even longer and I feel like I'm wearing clown shoes.
Here are some tips to make your feet look smaller when they are actually big as all hell.
1). Wedges: They make your feet look smaller
2). Round toe heels, pumps, and sandals do more to make your feet looks smaller/ pointy toed shoes especially flats make big feet look like ships.
3). Any shoe or boot that hits you right at or slightly above the ankle (along the malleoli: those knobs on your ankles) makes your feet look smaller

So there are my tips....ENJOY!

Which do you prefer, high tops or low tops?
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  1. LOVE this! I have four or so pairs of chucks. I love high tops best, but I also own a pair of green lowtops.

    XO Sahra

  2. very "cool" outfit. love the chucks! you're rockn' it!


  3. Ha, your Chucks are super fun and go perfectly with that melon dress!

  4. OMG I wore the exact out fit this weekend! except my dress was black, and my chucks were white! I love the color of that dress! And your chucks deff make a statement! LOVE it! xoxo TY

  5. Coral is a pretty color on you. I love american apparel. I find that I can't wear those type of dresses on the summer because it makes me sweat.

  6. I learned a new word malleoli. Yay anatomy lesson from Monroe! Keep it coming!

  7. Your dress kill!! How fliii are your Chucks?! You never dissapoint.

  8. Cute post lady! Very entertaining dialogue. I especially can relate on "feet as big as hell" part... Being that I wear a size 10 and absolutely hate shoes that show that! But, big feet girls unite! xo

  9. The color of the dress is one of my favourite this season. But I love your whole outfit. Simple, colorful, and funny. Just the way I like fashion.

  10. Cute outfit ! Love the shape of the dress on you and the chucks make the outfit chilled

  11. Very cool! Lovely dress and tennis <33


  12. I love, love your hot dress with those sneakers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fantastic, Monroe.

  13. So cute! I love the colors in this outfit <3

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  14. Cutey patooty! Tell me about it I have skinny ankles and short legs with a size 9 foot!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  15. Those Chucks are fun! I want a pair. I don't do sneakers unless I'm doing something athletic. lol For the most part I hate them, but would rock those in a minute. They look good with the dress. And I agree with your tips on bigger feet, I'm a 9 1/2 so I can relate.

  16. Love the jacket

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  18. I love the dress and the shoes!!!!! Lovely outfit!!!
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  19. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I believe a denim jacket can make any outfit look even better! That color is PHENOM on you and oh how I adore those tennies. Great look!

  20. That color looks awesome on you


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