Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ways to Wear It: Part II

Blazer: BB Dakota via Loehmanns
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M see it differently here.
Wedges: Sam Edelman Javi get a closer look here.
Necklace: Kenneth Cole $19 fashion STEELE! via Loehmanns

Here's my favorite top again in ways to wear in part II. These Sam Edelman wedges are ultra comfortable. They were a gift from my mother for my birthday. Check out my other birthday splurges HERE! I got these wedges at Nordstroms. The design of the heel is what caught my eye. The heel of the shoe is very detailed and I love the extra height of the back portion of the wedge. I love this skirt so much that I got it in this off white color, black and orange. The cut of it is just so unique and flattering.

I have totally turned into a platform/wedge woman. The last 5 pairs of shoes I've gotten are all either platforms or wedges. The awesome thing about wedges are how freaking comfortable they are. I'm the kind of girl who wears heels to go shopping so in a city with concrete streets like New York you need great sturdy shoes. Wedges and platforms certainly take the edge off.

I'm also the type of girl that loves shopping alone. I hate having to wait for my I usually have a set vision when I go shopping. I also really like showing others where to find awesome deals which is why I started the Thrift and the City shopping tour. Check it out if you are in the NYC area.

What kind of shopper are you? Do you like shopping alone or with friends?

Which ways to wear it do you guys like better? This one with the forever 21 shirt or the previous look with the Zara stripe skirt?



  1. That really is a pretty blouse! I like to shop alone too. Shopping with my sister and mom is fun also, but you can really concentrate alone and obsess over items like I tend to do! Shopping with people is more like a social event. That skirt is sooo cute! love it

  2. LOVE the shoes. i am a fan of wedges too. i also saw your other birthday finds and you racked up! i love it all!! especially the sunglasses. all the cards show how loved you are. how special :-)....happy (very) belated birthday! :-)


  3. great look, i just love that top, it looks so great on you! I love how different it looks from the striped skirt, good job!
    My Fashion Bug

  4. i love this outfit without the blazer better! <3

  5. gorgeous as always!! love ur take two on the top....effin versatile...and those heels i love them too!! u definitely hab a collection of A amazing shoe

  6. love your H and M skirt :) beautiful outfit.

  7. I have become a TOTAL wedge person! Yours are beautiful - your Mom has great taste! And I love that skirt! I tried to recreate a similar gathered effect on a regular skirt of mine and somehow it's not quite the same!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  8. Those wedges are the bomb!!! Sam Edelman never disappoints....

  9. The Sam Edelman wedges, necklace and gold blouse were a perfect combo.

  10. Love your necklace! I was looking at a similar one recently but this one's so much cheaper!

    xx Cristina

  11. Beautiful look!Love everything about it!xoxo

  12. love the colors together, monroe!

    & those wedges are awesome. i love sam edelman's heels/boots.

    i can shop either way but i think i like shopping alone better. i don't want to have to worry if my friends are waiting for me or not because i like taking my time. haha

    you look fabulous, btw!

  13. Love all the neutrals with the pop of yellow! Gorgeous :)

  14. Hi!i love your blog!!!!!!im following you!follow back?

    xx nandia

  15. I also hat going shopping with others, apart from my daughters who are fantastic finders, LOL.
    You are so cute, my dear Monroe

  16. absolutely adore the skirt!!!

  17. I definitely love shopping alone and I've recently become a wedge/platform kinda gal. No one told me they were so comfortable!

  18. Loooooove the whole outfit dear! <3

  19. Loving this outfit and how you styled it differently!

    Have a great day!

  20. I prefer shopping alone. I hate when friends talk me out of something because they don't understand my style.
    Love the wedges and your necklace.

  21. LOVE that skirt!!! It depends. Most of the girls I shop with are crazy like me so we know we're each in the zone when it comes to perusing the racks!

  22. Fantastic. I love sam e shoes very comfy. I am definitely a shop alone kinda gal hate other peoples opinions when not asked for haha. But it can sometimes be really fun too.

    I love Zara and stripes but you know how much I love printless pieces :-D you look great man!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  23. Ilike this look and like you too, I like to shop alone. Hate having friends around. I want peace when I shop.

  24. Babygirl you look soo amazing!! Loving that outifit!!

    I love u for commenting my blog all the time and to give me soo much love! It really means the world to me! thank you sooo much!!!

    Kisses from London Julia

  25. You look AMAZING!!! I love this outfit :) Especially those shoes!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  26. Yellow is such a great colour on you and I love the detailing of this skirt's waistband and those wedges are fierce! I also prefer to shop alone- it's more efficient and you can focus on you :)

  27. honestly, this is super hard to decide. i love it this way too! you look great in both ways to wear it. and, like you, i love to wear wedges because they do take the edge off--and i also enjoy shopping by myself--so much easier!

  28. You look so pretty and I really love your outfit !

  29. I love your top!

    Join the vintage give away on my blog if you like :)

  30. It was great to meet you the other night! Sorry I was so late to the festivities - I would have liked to chat with you ladies a little longer:)

  31. I love love this outfit!! :D

    You've got dope friends :D

    Love the first outfit


  32. love this look!!

  33. what fabulous photos! You look great !! I love your shoes!! Great blog ! I fallow you!!


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