Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morange and Foliage

Top: Necessary Objects see it HERE!!!
Shorts: Thrifted $3 fashion STEELE!!
Wedges: DVF see them along with some of my other wedges HERE!!!
MAC Lipstick: Morange

So I finally am test driving my Morange MAC lipstick. I have actually worn it a few times. One thing I can say is it that I get tons of looks. Most of them are faces of "Ohh that lipstick is super bright", others are more like OhhLaaLaa and others are like "WTF...this chick is nuts". I love it though. I must admit with my darker skin tone the morange really POPS. Which is why when I wear it I usually wear muted colors such as beige or soft green.

I took a little walk in the park over by my house. The foliage is so lush green and looks amazing. I love Spring...well technically its summer now but its fairly cool today and now raining in NYC. I have so much going on with my blog and the NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group. I have some really aweseom things coming up so I will be glad when I can share them with you.

What do you all think of bright lipstick?????

p.s. shout out to all my new and continued followers! I appreciate your readership and lovely comments.

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  1. I just love the orange lipstick and those shoes! Cute polish too, so much about this outfit that I love!


  2. It's so odd of it's summer and already raining. Brightside= we don't have to freeze under all the down pour now :-)

    My job schedule sucks for meetup events :-( I wish I could get out to more man!

    Fashion Nostalgia

  3. Hey girl,love your blog so I gave u the creative blog award,check it out

  4. gorgeous top!! u definitely pull off that lips amazingly!!

  5. Get the same looks with my Mac So Chaud, but I love it as well! Loving that top too!

  6. i absolutely love the lace top! well, anything lace really. hehe :) & the lipstick looks great on you! i love orangee.

    so glad to see that you had a great time at the bloggers meet!

    & oh! if you were in cali, i think i would steal all of your shoes! those DVF wedges are gorgeous. i've been coveting them for a while now... haha


  7. I've been totlly obsessed with crochet tops lately, this one is gorgeous! xx

  8. OMG your Mac lip color is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Will have a look at it ;)

  9. Can't go wrong with those amazing lips and luscious lace ;-)

  10. Dear, I loved this background! And it is adorable to get comfortable and stylish outfit!!! Love it!



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