Friday, June 17, 2011

Twirl American Girl

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Dress: American Apparel get it HERE
Top: American Apparel get it HERE
Shoes: Urban Outfitters get a similar pair HERE!

A few weekends ago I hosted the NYC Fashion Bloggers Central Park Meet and Greet and it was pretty awesome and also started my Nutella craving..thanks Nike! I now have to eat one sliced green apple a day dipped in Nutella! But I digress. American Apparel Headquaters sent all the members over this lovely red Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Tee. I actually dont wear a lot of red at all except on my lips and nails but I love this top.

I paired with another one of my favorite American Apparel pieces my tricot dress. I love love love this dress but I must admit my boobies will easily pop out so I solved this by covering a little with this mesh top. I like the result! I can twirl all day in my American Apparel.

American Apparel is definitely one of my favorite stores for classic basics like these amazing
 blue linen pants and my favorite leotard body suits (I have one in white and one in black).
Not to mention AA was my savior in the winter with awesome thigh high knit socks and opaque tights.

I actually have this super idea for an improvement/different function for a product for them.
 I just wish I knew how to pitch to a big company...any thoughts?

Where do you go for your wardrobe basics?


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  1. This is such a cute outfit! I love it!
    - Cookie

  2. I like Target for basic staples.

  3. Love how u styled it. Gorgeous. And u look effin adorable in that avatar.

  4. I go to American Apparel, Target, Marshalls and Ebay for my basic clothes. I love the dress.

  5. Love the first pic and those shoes!

  6. Simple and so fashion :)) Lovely shirt my dear


  7. Looking cute!

    Have you ever tried experimenting with different lipsticks?

  8. I knew this was AA as soon as I saw the pic. I don't wear their clothes simply because the spandex is not welcomed in the classroom!! HA!! Now, if I had a runway to strut upon everyday, ie living in NY and not geriatricville, we could talk! Or Shop!

    Get in contact with @EricaHicksPR or @12Fabulous she'll send you in the right direction....

  9. cute, has a dancer vibe to it!

  10. Very creative how you paired the dress with the shirt .... You look adorable.

  11. love the gif action and the whole outfit is great, i really love that skirt and the way you tied the shirt!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Fashion Bag 411

  12. First time I see you in flat sandals. You rock that t-shit.
    have a great weekend Monroe.

  13. lovelovelove this! you look fabulous!

  14. I love this outfit so much!!! you look great.

  15. Beautiful! I absolutely love this outfit! You should email the manager (or something)- tell them you are a lifetime customer and you've got some ideas. If you can get the meeting, just make your presentation short and sweet- tell them the benefits clearly. Good luck babe!



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