Wednesday, May 30, 2012

military inspired

with Fleet Week as my inspiration when i was putting this outfit together I knew exactly what I wanted...tough yet dainty.
I love the structure of the top and that its crisp and defined paired with the softness of the
 sheer pleated shorts. I think the combination worked out well for a great overall look.

Top: Son of John via Loehmanns | Shorts: Top Shop get similar here 
Shoes: Michael Kors Heath via Loehmanns |Bag: Zara Studio Clutch Bag | Ring: Urban Outfitters
this top is one of my favorites. I keep finding new ways to wear it. i've also being itching to wear these shorts again...finally its hot enough to wear shorts and my new Michael Kors Slingbacks.
I've definitely gotten more into pointy toed shoes. they died out for about half a second and then BAM were super popular again. I've also noticed that designers are into making chunky shorter heels now. I'm not really into that trend at all. The higher the heel the better but I have noticed I have more and more heels under 4 inches which is short for me. lol. I like to feel like a giant when I'm in the room and most times I can see clear over everyones head. lol. somehow I managed to get off topic...anywho..presto..this is the outfit of the day! military inspired tops and vest are making a huge comeback this summer and I like it!
ps..i wearing very tiny biker shorts underneath to keep the world from seeing my bum.


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  1. Really, Really cute look! Nice Gams!!!! Work it!!!!

    7eventh Letter

  2. I am so in love with this look. I have a shirt similar to this and just a few days ago I packed it up to take to the Goodwill. Luckily, I've been too lazy to drop the clothes off so I'm going to go pull it out because I will for sure be recreating this look. Thanks for giving my old shirt new life!

  3. Oh my! The soft shorts and structured shirt are everything together!!

  4. Absolutely LOVE THISSS!! I love mixing themes and prints and you hit the nail on the head!! Aas usual....

  5. love this look doll! love it!
    Ahhhh Fleet Week always makes me think of Sex and the City!!!!


  6. Love this outfit.


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